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Literacy & Tutor Reading

Head of Literacy: Mrs D Lewis

Tutor Reading Programme

Why do we implement The Tutor Reading Program here at Brakenhale?

Books and stories allow us to explore this world, and others, and the people in it.

At Brakenhale we will provide all students with a safe, supported place to read across a variety of genres, writers and perspectives and this program allows all students the opportunity to read.  Reading helps build our literacy and literacy helps us to build our understanding of the world and our place in it.

Literacy helps us to form ideas and express ourselves. This helps us to become active citizens of the world.

At school, literacy helps us unlock information in each and every subject area. This knowledge will unlock doors for us in the future.

Outside the school gates, literacy helps us to communicate effectively in this diverse world, fill out forms correctly and other such paperwork that is intrinsically part of our everyday adult lives.

But, why?

Learners with low literacy skills may have difficulty understanding ‘road signs or price labels, making sense of bus or train timetables, filling out forms, reading instructions on medicines or using the internet’. Without the knowledge or ability to complete such tasks, one may well struggle in life.
The National Literacy Trust

Tutors will read with their tutor group three times a week. In advance Tutors will read each chapter before reading to students so that they know where the plot is taking them and are aware of the themes that present themselves. In this way they can put in place support for discussion and individual student needs. This may include writing key vocabulary on the board and discussing any tricky vocabulary that presents itself, as well as addressing the themes that arise too.

Each student should have their own book and will read along using their bookmarks. There will also be an accompanying PowerPoint to help students track page numbers, plot and themes and the tutor will refer to this.