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Brakenhale School

Letters sent Home

Please find below copies of letters and other communications that have been sent home.

We are very keen that you are kept well informed of what is going on in school and in touch with all activities affecting your child.  Communications are sent to parents through a number of electronic channels: we email parents directly; post notices here on the school website and tweet @brakenhale information on a regular basis.  We have found that communicating with parents in this way is very effective and avoids the problems of letters lost in the bottom of school bags!

We use a service provider called Schoolcomms to send email and text alerts to parents.  The Schoolcomms system draws information directly from the data management system we use in school.  It will automatically upload the e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers of the first two contacts provided by parents. Personal communications about your child can only be received by you and your email and mobile details will not be shared with anyone else and will be stored securely.

If you do not have an e-mail address your mobile number will be used for emergency messages.  For letters you will receive a paper copy. Paper copies of communications are available on request from the school office at any time.

It is very important to keep the school up to date with any change to contact details such as address, telephone number or email address.

13th November: Drop Down Day 24th November 

Dear Parents/Carers and all in our school community

Following the successes of last year's Drop-Down Days, we are excited to announce the forthcoming Drop-Down Day on Friday 24th November. The title of the cross-curricular day, Health, Safety and Wellbeing, has been in our school calendar since September, and students will be learning about a wealth of ways of staying safe, healthy and looking after themselves whilst thinking of others. Students from Years 7-11 will not be learning any of their usual curriculum subject lessons for a Friday Week A, however timetables will broadly follow the same roomings as they always do on a Friday Week A. We have some external speakers and facilitators, as well as some fantastic staff helping out to make the day a real change from the norm.

Key Stage 3 Students (Years 7-9) will mostly be in the same rooms as usual, with the same teachers in front of them, but learning different content. Some of their sessions include the effects of cortisol on the brain, rail and road safety, a sponsored skip and emotional wellbeing.

Key Stage 4 Students (Years 10-11), Year 10 will be in tutor groups all day and Year 11 will be in PSHE groups for the day. Students will be given their schedule with roomings in advance, as there will be a few rooming and staffing changes. Some of the KS4 sessions include mental health from the charity Briym, successful low-stress revision techniques from The Life Skills Company, as well as personal hygiene and health, and the influence and impact of role models.

Key Stage 5 Students (Sixth Form) will be in their subject lessons and timetables will remain as usual. However, for Year 12 there will be a compulsory sexual health session during period 3, and for Year 13 there will be an offer to learn about meditation during period 5.

For Years 7-10 one of their periods will involve a charity house event: a sponsored skip to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. This will be yet another exciting house competition that we can all get involved in, and you are welcome to sponsor your child as an incentive to raise their heartbeats whilst raising money. You may wish to donate in advance, or alternatively to set them a target and wait until your child reports back their skipping total on the evening of the 24th. You can click to donate on our JustGiving page and please be sure to add the name of your child's house - Jennetts, Swinley, Temple or Farley. Without this information your generous donation will not count in the house competition. The winners of the house competition will be announced on Monday 4th December.

Given the active nature of the sponsored skip, all students are encouraged to come into school wearing their usual PE kit so that we can improve our heart rate, optimize our skips and maximize funds raised over the 55-minute session. A reminder that school PE uniform, as per our uniform policy on our website, consists of:

  • Plain black PE polo shirt
  • Plain black joggers; or
  • Plain black leggings; or
  • Plain black sweatshirt, or any plain black hoodie/zipped top for the Drop-Down Day with no writing or visible logos
  • Trainers - can be any colour and must be supportive and appropriate for sporting activities (no converse, vans, slip-on pumps or plimsolls).

A reminder that our usual uniform rules for outerwear or coats will apply:

  • Plain black/navy or dark grey outdoor coat (no writing or logos).

Any deviation of this, for example any other highly branded, patterned or other colours of jumpers/hoodies, will be required to be removed, or the usual steps and sanctions applied.

In addition, your child will need to bring their usual school bag with their tools of learning and planner so that they are able to access and benefit from the variety of sessions they will be attending.

We look forward to learning about the many aspects of Health and Well-being on Friday 24th November.

Best wishes

Mrs Lister and Miss Millard
Drop Down Day Organisers

1st November: Poppy Appeal 

Dear Parents/Carers

Remembrance Day - Sunday 12th November 2023

We are delighted to be supporting the British Legion Poppy Appeal again this year - students and
staff can show their support by purchasing poppies from Main Reception or LRC.

As a mark of respect students who are members of our Combined Cadet Force (CCF) will be permitted to wear their uniform from Monday 6th November for the whole week. They will be required to wear a poppy.

Students who are members of any cadets groups outside of Brakenhale will be permitted to wear
their uniform on Friday 10th November.
We will be observing 2 minutes silence at 14:45 on Friday 10th November.

In 2023 the Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal will focus on how your poppy shows you care and
helps the RBL continue its vital work supporting the Armed Forces community.

Kind regards

School Office