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Brakenhale School


EAL Coordinator: Mrs S Fandi
Telephone: 01344 423041

English as an Additional Language – EAL

Catering for a variety of learners, the EAL department offers support to students with varying levels of proficiency in the English Language, aiding in accessibility and promoting achievement and independence.

The purpose of the EAL Department is to offer support to students of different cultural and linguistic backgrounds as they work towards proficiency in English, while following the mainstream curriculum.

The main aim of the EAL department is to enable EAL students to access the national curriculum in all subjects by:

  • Developing the students’ skills in English
  • Helping students to become independent learners
  • Assisting students in gaining knowledge and skills which will enrich their personal and professional lives
  • Helping them to integrate into the new community
  • Building their confidence in the mainstream classroom

All EAL students are supported in exams with bilingual dictionaries and those eligible are granted extra time for use.

Support sessions are available for all students that are offered Heritage Languages GCSE available with exam boards. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact the EAL Team.

To help you understand the English education system and how you can support your child’s education please refer to The Bell Foundation via the link below where you can find the information in many languages.

The Bell Foundation aims to improve policy, practice and systems to enable children, adults and communities in the UK that speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) to overcome disadvantage through language education.


EAL Department Overview: Translations