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Brakenhale School


Head of Department: Miss D Bunkell

Curriculum Intent

The Psychology curriculum allows students to examine the theories and research behind the way people think and behave. This permits students to study the relations between body, mind, and environment, and understand the intricacies behind why people behave the way that they do. Ultimately, students will gain a deeper understanding of human behaviour and the factors that
influence human nature.

Throughout the course students will develop a broad knowledge and understanding of the core areas of psychology including in depth analysis of social influence and the explanations for conformity and obedience, research into theories of memory, and explanations of research into attachments formed in childhood. Additionally, students will gain an understanding of psychopathology, biopsychology, cognition and development, schizophrenia, and aggression. In the context of these studies, students will learn a variety of skills including analytical thinking, communication skills, data analysis and problem-solving through the detailed examination of research methods, and issues and debates underpinning Psychology.