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Brakenhale School


Head of Department: Miss D Bunkell

Curriculum Intent

The study of sociology allows students to develop a respect for the social world around them through the critical examination of social and environmental factors which influence the behaviour of groups and individuals. Through the study of Sociology as an evidence-based approach to understanding social phenomena, our students will develop the courage and resilience to appreciate the causes, impact and subsequent consequences of societal change on the structure of social institutions such as the family, education, media and crime.

Throughout the course, our students will develop the necessary skills to scientifically investigate society, critically assess evidence and build the courage to consider solutions to today’s societal issues. This is possible as all Sociology students will learn to synthesise complex arguments in line with theoretical paradigms and empirical evidence before arriving at a conclusion; in addition, they will develop competence and confidence in literacy and oracy, mathematical and problem-solving skills which are embedded in all aspects of the curriculum. Our students will be equipped with a greater understanding of the challenges facing individuals and groups beyond their own experiences.

Specification: Key Stage 5