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Brakenhale School

Update 15th May

This Week, Exams, Reminders

Dear Parents/Carers

I hope this finds you well. 

With two consecutive bank holidays, we are about to embark on the first five day week for the first time in a number of weeks! We have two to go before the half term break. I hope all students enjoyed the cake we gave for the King’s Coronation. It was a lovely way to end the week given the momentous occasion last weekend.

This week just gone:

This week has included a Year 10 trip to Whitechapel, London, as part of the History curriculum. This included visiting the Jack the Ripper Museum whereby students learnt about what happened during this time. Having spoken to some of the students, I know that this trip was well received. Also, on Thursday was the football semi-final of the County Cup. Although our Year 8 team did not win, I watched the second half when a comeback was on the way but we fell short. Nevertheless, well done to each of the players - they did well! On Friday, I had the pleasure of watching our Year 13 Dance students perform their final piece which will now be assessed for their final grade. Their dedication and focus was palpable; it was great to see! This week, we also had a rather unusual visit by a swarm of bees which took residency on one side of the main hall. They remained there for about two days but, thanks to a beekeeper, they were moved on. This did attract attention by many students (and staff!) as we watched their journey!

Year 11 and Year 13 exams

This week is the start of the final exams for Year 11 and 13 students. They, and their families, have had specific information about this. However, these exams are important to all of us. I want to relay to, and remind, all students about the importance of the summer exams. All other year groups must be considerate and mindful of these exams and so that their Year 11 and Year 13 students are supported by us all. Students will be reminded daily about the exams so that they do not disturb the areas where exams are sat. This is everyone’s responsibility.

Website and Communication - reminder

You may have noticed our new website which has been launched in the last two weeks. I  hope that you are finding the content useful and the website easier to navigate than the previous one. The website address remains as

In addition, please continue to use the email address for any questions or queries. Your email will then be directed to the relevant member of staff, or team, who will get back to you. 

Attendance and Punctuality

As I have relayed previously, we know that children being in school means they are learning, in front of expert teachers. Please continue to have conversations with your child(ren) about the importance of this. We have seen a week-on-week increase in overall attendance this half term which is pleasing to see. The increases are marginal but are heading in the right direction. We now have ten days before the half term and I am about to set a challenge for all! For any Tutor group that has 100% for at least five of the next ten days, each student (and their Tutor) will receive an edible treat from me and a non-uniform day as a reward. Note, the day of the non-uniform will depend upon how quickly they get to the five day target. Healthy competition is great so let the challenge begin!

Kind regards

Mr B Tailor, Headteacher