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Brakenhale School

Update 17th October

Ofsted Inspection Final Letter

Dear Parents/Carers
Ofsted Inspection
I hope this finds you well. As I have relayed previously, we had an Ofsted inspection on 13th September. This was unannounced. I received a call at 08.30 to inform me that five inspectors were about to visit the school for the day. They arrived 15 minutes later. When they did, I met them and they outlined the purpose of the day and what they wanted to do throughout it. I received oral feedback at the end of the day and was told to await the final letter.
I am pleased to share the final letter with you all. Please find it attached. Please note that it is not graded. As the letter explains, ‘urgent inspections’ are not graded unless overall standards have declined and there are serious concerns. Furthermore, the precise reasoning for the ‘urgent inspection’ is not specified but that concerns had been raised with Ofsted which prompted a visit.
As you will note when you read the letter, we have much to be proud of. Calm and orderly learning environments are crucial to great learning. Systems and structures benefit everyone; we thrive on them. Happy and safe children are keen to learn. The culture we create in our school should be one of inclusivity, and it is.
The ‘urgent inspection’ meant there was no time to prepare for the visit and therefore the inspectors saw our school as it is each day. They saw a typical day.
I, along with respective colleagues, will be working to address the priorities identified for further improvement. This, along with everything we continue to do, will elevate our school to excellence.
Our vision is bold and deliberate: we’re a school at the heart of the community where we instil the values of aspiration, kindness and responsibility to prepare our students for their individual successes and future careers. The values of Aim High, Be Kind and Take Responsibility resonate in this letter – I am proud of this.
Thank you to all for your continued support. As I have relayed previously, if you want to visit during a school day, please do contact me. This can be arranged so that you can too see our school on any given day.
Kind Regards,
Mr B Tailor, Headteacher