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School Council Elections

The Brakenhale Eco Committee members are now being selected. We would like to ask the students to write a letter to Mr Budden, our Eco Coordinator, outlining why they believe they would be a successful representative for their class.

Year 7 and 8 votes cast on Thursday 16th May.

Year 9 and 10 votes cast on Friday 17th May.

We are looking for someone with the following qualities:

· Enthusiastic about environmental issues

· Willing to lead by example and support projects in school

· Confident to encourage others to change their behaviours in school

Responsibilities - You will:

· represent your tutor group at Eco Council meetings

· encourage your tutor group to become more environmentally friendly

· help organise events in and around school

· keep your tutor group informed of the Eco Club Action Plan

· be a role model for others around school

In your letter, you could :

· Explain why you are interested in environment and sustainability issues

· Describe activities you have carried out in school or at home to improve the environment

· Suggest how you will encourage other students to get involved

· Explain how we can further reduce waste going to landfill

· Suggest ideas on how we could improve our school grounds