vivo-logoIn a nutshell…?

Vivo Miles is the national school rewards platform. Schools award students “Vivos” ( a unique currency) which they can save and then spend on a variety of exciting products from an online catalogue as soon as they have enough for a particular product.

What are students awarded Vivos for?

Anything that the school decides to award them for! The school sets the rewards categories:

  • independent learning
  • piece of classwork beyond expectation
  • piece of homework beyond expectation
  • good deed
  • extra-curricular participation
  • inter-house competition entry

Students also receive 5 vivo miles automatically if they have 100&% attendance or no negative behaviour points in a half term period.

How are students actually credited with Vivos?

With the click of a button on the website, or through Vivo’s live link to the school’s system, student accounts are credited and they can then redeem their vivos at the school shop in the LRC.

Latest Vivo Rewards as 22.04.2016

Points by Year

Points by House