High Expectations and Challenge

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Examinations Manager: Mrs S Seymour
Telephone: 01344 423041 ext 383
Email: exams@brakenhale.co.uk

Exam Results Days 2019


15th August 2019 – results available for Year 13 from 9am

15th August 2019 – results available for Year 12 from 10.30am


22nd August 2019 – results available for Year 11 from 10am

22nd August 2019 – results available for Year 10 from 10.30am


GCSE Results 2018

We are absolutely delighted to report our outstanding 2018 GCSE results, the best in the history of Brakenhale School! Improvements have been made this year across ALL performance measures with many significantly higher than previous years.

The percentage of students achieving a Grade 4 (equivalent to an old C grade) in English and Maths has risen by 12% to 60% and those achieving a Grade 5 in English and Maths has increased by 11%.

In English, 71% of students achieved the Grade 4 and above – 11% higher than last year and in Maths it was 68%, a 14% increase on last year. In addition, following our constant focus on ‘High Expectations and Challenge’, almost 25% of the year group gained the equivalent of an A/A* in English; a phenomenal achievement.

Due to the changing nature of qualifications no school is able to publish an accurate and official progress 8 figure until the Department of Education releases this in December. However,we have seen a significant improvement in the initial figure that has been calculated on last year’s data. This gives us a positive score which equates to a third of a grade more progress for all students compared with 2017. Our Attainment 8 grade demonstrates an improvement of almost half a grade per student in comparison with last year.  

These results are absolute evidence of the impact that Brakenhale School has on the outcomes and life chances of its students.

In addition there have been some exceptional individual student outcomes. We are absolutely delighted that hard work, dedication and fantastic teaching has enabled our students to achieve the very best grades across the board. The students below have achieved 5 or more A and A* equivalencies (7-9).


Number A*/A Achieved


Number A*/A Achieved

Amy Douthwaite


Asha Munissi


Toby Gennery


Jessica Randall


Agustin Mancini


Jacob Reed


Tom Nower


Declan Gosney


Adam Flannigan


Grace Horn


Karl Talavera


James Maryon


Earl Talavera


Danielle Rabulan


Yousuf Mohammed


Jordan Rhodes


Marina Lazic


Ben Lambourne


Katie Currie


Brandon Payne


Our GCSE results along with our A Level resultsclearly show the rapid and sustained progressthat Brakenhale School continues to make. We would like to congratulate all our students on their well-deserved success and thank the teaching staff, the governors and of course the parents,who have guided and supported them. I continue to be incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of such a progressive, positive and successful school.

Jane Coley

A-Level and BTEC Results 2018

Brakenhale School A-Level and Level 3 BTEC results have once again demonstrated the strong position the school has established within the local education market. In every single measure there has been an increase in attainment and progress on previous years, which means there has been three years of continued improvement at post 16 in all measures.

Key results

  • At A*-B it was at 60% in 2018 compared to 43% in 2015, 53% in 2016 and 59% in 2017 including BTEC equivalents. A 17% increase in the last two years!
  • At A*-C it was 88% in 2018 compared to 60% in 2015, 73% in 2016 and 87% in 2017 including BTEC equivalents. A 28% increase.
  • The A*-E pass rate for A Level and BTEC is 100% for the fourth year in succession.

Headteacher, Jane Coley said, “I am incredibly proud of our students who have achieved another set of extremely strong results. These outcomes demonstrate how the hard work of students and staff and the support of parents have really paid off.  It is also evidence of how the curriculum that we have put in place across the last 3 years, alongside strong support systems have created an academic environment within which our students can achieve their potential and thrive. The Sixth Form team and the student body have responded so positively to our very high expectations and these results bear testimony to this. On results day our sixth form team continue to provide excellent support for students as they make decisions about their next steps”.

Deputy Headteacher, Andy Hartley who leads the Post 16 team said, “It was incredibly pleasing to see the increasing number of students secure high grades and in turn secure excellent university places and higher apprenticeships. Brakenhale Sixth Form is a place where young people are given so many opportunities to realise their potential and gain the qualifications they need for their next steps. What is particularly exciting for the future is the outstanding performance of some any of our Year 12s who have gained outstanding grades in the AS examinations.”

Head of Sixth Form, Trevor Dale said, “I’m delighted that our students have achieved such outstanding results. They have worked so hard to make it happen and responded so positively to the challenges they faced. My biggest pleasure is knowing that so many of these students will have gained places at the university of their choice, or in the career of their choice.

It has been a huge team effort and I am so grateful to the teaching staff, tutors and parents who have all pulled together, endured the stress and provided the support and encouragement necessary to make these fabulous results a reality.”

Notable students include

  • Jess Austin who will be attending Royal Holloway to study Zoology
  • Faye Burgess who will be attending Royal Holloway
  • James Miles who will be attending the University of Manchester to study Physics
  • Sophie Lockyer who will be attending be attending the University of Reading  to study Biological Sciences
  • Drew Lockyer who will be commencing an apprenticeship in cyber security with Transport for London
  • Molly Everett who will be attending the University of Sussex to studying Biological Sciences

Examinations and Assessments

Years 7 to 9 are regularly assessed during lessons and sit internal exams during the school year in classrooms.  Students in Year 10 are regularly assessed during lessons and sit more formal internal exams at the end of Year 10.  We try to make these exams as formal as possible to familiarise Year 10 students with the exam process ready for Year 11 and GCSEs.

All external exams are currently held in the Sports Hall and Main Hall, with access arrangements for those students who require them.

Instructions and Information for candidates

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