PE Lockdown II Challenge 2021

This challenge took place between January and March 2021 and is now closed.

There’s not many other words than ‘bizarre’ for the current state of affairs. But let’s get through it by setting ourselves an obtainable daily challenge! Let’s get moving!
Can you smash 10,000 steps every day of lockdown? Do you think you could beat the teachers in a step challenge? Have you got the ‘sole’ to talk the talk and walk the walk?
This term we have launched the…
Teachers versus Students Step Challenge!
Over the course of this lockdown we challenge you to beat our step count. As a collective, can you rack up more steps than the teachers?
We’ll see…GAME ON!
Please send all evidence to Miss Butler
Evidence includes screen shots of your smart watch step counts, Apple Health step count (or any other Android equivalent), photos of you on walks/runs with a step count added. Please keep an eye out on the school website for a weekly updated step count monitor to be added soon!!!
Please ensure that you are doing this challenge safely and within Government guidelines!!




Week Ending

Friday 12th February




Updated weekly!

Summary of Weekly Totals

Total Step Count
Teacher Step Count Student Step Count
Date Cumulative Each Week Cumulative Each Week
08.01.21 340,948 340,948 238,757 238,757
15.01.21 858,381 517,433 465,516 226,759
22.01.21 1,161,726 303,345 919,520 454,004
29.01.21 1,528,287 366,561 1,219,615 300,095
05.02.21 1,958,678 430,391 1,655,038 435,423
12.02.21 2,161,115 202,437 2,031,214 376,176