Student Zone

Student Zone

We operate a 2 week timetable, with Week A and Week B.

The school day starts at 8.40am promptly and all students should come into school via the Rectory Lane main entrance then via the green student gate to the side of main reception.  Students in Years 7 to 10 should arrive by 8.30am in order to be in Line-up at 8.35am (8.25am for Year 11).  If a student arrives in school after 8.35am they will be marked as late.  Late entry is via main reception as the student gate will be locked.

Tools for Learning

Having the correct Tools for Learning means you are ready and equipped to learn when you arrive in the classroom, allowing teachers to focus all of their time on teaching.  There is a compulsory school equipment list and all items are required at all times.  Regular checks will be made to ensure that students have the correct equipment they need for their lessons.  Stationery can be purchased from the shop in school.

Items that are required are available from the school stationery shop for cash: scientific calculator (model recommended by the Mathematics Department), colouring pencils, (colouring pens also allowed but not sold in school), large clear pencil case, protractor, 30cm ruler, 3 pens (we sell Bic in school plus a cheaper alternative), HB pencil, highlighter pen, rubber, pencil sharpener, glue stick, Brakenhale Art Sketch Book for Key Stage 3 students. [Maths also require a compass but these are not sold in school.]

You must have a Brakenhale school bag (available online from the uniform shop) to put your exercise books, school planner and tools for learning in.

Some subjects may require specific additional equipment, especially at GCSE level:

  • PE/Dance: PE/Dance kit, available from the uniform shop.
  • Art (Years 10 and 11): Sketchbook, 2B Pencil, Size 6 Paintbrush, Pallet of Water Paints, Art Folder
  • Design & Technology: Selection of Hard to Soft Pencils, Black and Blue Fine Liner Pens, Practical Ingredients for Food Technology.

Your tutor will support you in all aspects of school life; with your work, your relationships with others and with any personal matters.  If you have any problems talk to them first and they will be able to either help you themselves, or advise you where else to go to seek help.

Illness and Accidents

If you feel unwell or have an accident you must tell a teacher straight away.  Normally you will be sent to the First Aider who will take care of you.  If you are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary then your parents/carers will be contacted to make suitable arrangements.  Under no circumstance should you leave the school premises without permission.

Brakenhale Safe Cycle Scheme

All students need a pass to be able to ride a bike or scooter to school and use the bike store.  Please note that electric scooters are not permitted in school.  Students must wear a helmet, the bike must be road worthy and safe with working breaks and must be ridden in a safe manner.  Passes may be revoked if these conditions are not met.  Please see the Parent Zone page to request a pass.


For your health and safety you must not bring any valuables to school.  This includes music players such as iPods, MP3 or MP4 players, computer gaming devices etc.  Money should be kept on you at all times and not left in coat pockets or bags.  Do not bring large amounts of money in to school.  The school cannot accept any responsibility for items of value that are brought into school, including mobile phones.


Students may wear one watch and one small stud in each ear but no other jewellery is permitted due to health and safety issues.  If you have any other piercing it must not be visible in school.

No Smoking Policy

Brakenhale School and site is designated as a No Smoking Site in accordance with current legislation and on the grounds of health and safety and promoting positive attitudes with young people.  This policy applies equally to all employees, students, parents, visitors and users of the school building and site.  Students will be admonished using the agreed procedures if they are found to be smoking on the school premises or in school uniform offsite.  Where members of staff accompany students on activities off the school premises, a no-smoking policy will operate at all times whilst staff are in contact with students.

Lost Property

Lost property should be handed in to the Head of Year Office without delay.  If you lose something please enquire at the Head of Year Office first. If the item has not been handed in you should tell your tutor.  Remember to name your property.  All lost property that is named will be returned to the student.  All unnamed items will be kept until the end of the half-term then disposed of.

Mobile Phones

Students are allowed to have a mobile phone on site but this should be turned off and placed in their bag during the school day. Students will not be permitted to use their phone during the school day at any time. The only exception to this would be as a planned learning tool by the teacher.

If parents have an emergency and need to contact their child, they should phone the school reception (Main or Student) and the school will give the message to the student.  Similarly, if a student needs to contact home, they can do so by going to the Head of Year Office to use the telephone.

Music Players

Music Players such as MP3, MP4 players, iPods, game machines or any music device with attached earphones are not allowed to be played within the school building. Students must not walk down corridors or be in class with earphones attached and ‘wired for sound’. These must be removed before entering the school site.

Items Not Allowed

For your health, safety and security in school you are forbidden to bring in the items below. They should never be in your possession at school, when travelling to and from school, or on school organised visits.

Cigarettes, matches or lighters.
Illegal drugs.
Dangerous substances e.g. chemicals.
Offensive weapons e.g. knives, catapults, air pistols or any other potentially dangerous articles.
Aerosol deodorants (due to the health and safety implication, particularly for students with asthma).
Mobile phones are not permitted to be seen or used in school site unless as an agreed part of the curriculum.

Physical Restraint

Any physical contact between students will be dealt with by following the agreed Bracknell Forest Policy.