Student Study Support

Student Study Support

Throughout the year and for examinations and beyond

Homework is an extension of work done in lessons and therefore is expected to be of the same quality. It is important for all students to be able to work independently at home to further their own learning. Regular homework is recognised as an important part of the students’ learning process.

Homework is set via Class Charts or Google Classroom.

Class Charts

Class Charts can be accessed via their website or through their iOS and Android apps and parents can view their child’s homework attachments and the teacher feedback that followed.

This portal enables homework to be set effectively across the school, giving students and parents a clear picture, allowing them to prioritise their workload and stay organised using their personalised calendar, to-do list and email reminders

Mrs Daniels in the LRC is able to help students with gaining access, using the system and resetting passwords. Further instructions can be found on the school website.

Google Classroom

Google Classroom enables teachers to create an online classroom area in which they can manage all the documents that their students need. Documents are stored on Google Drive, or can be uploaded from a computer.

Student Guidance Download PDF

student-supportWe provide as much support as possible to help students study throughout the year and prepare for examinations and beyond.  The LRC is staffed and open before and after school, providing an environment where students can access learning independently outside of lessons.

All students at Brakenhale have full access to the National Curriculum.  We are aware however that this presents additional challenges to some of our students. We support students with a wide range of needs and disabilities through our SENCO who works closely with the student, parent/carer and staff to identify and deliver the support required to ensure success.

Brakenhale seeks to identify and develop Gifted and Talented learners and to provide a programme through which they can make progress.

Clubs and Activities

Many opportunities exist to take part in activities outside timetabled classes; PE, ICT, Technology and many more departments already run extensive programs of clubs and coursework support. These activities all fall under the umbrella of Study Support – taking part helps students to engage in their learning and is seen to raise motivation and achievement in the classroom. With the broad range of activities we already have on offer, we have formal accreditation from Quality in Study Support (QISS) at Advanced level.

Please see our Clubs and Activities page for more details  Go to Web Page

Subject Specific Support

Year 10 Science Exams June 2017 - Improvement

Information, exam papers and mark schemes sat for Science exams in June 2017

Year 10 Science Exams June 2017 – Improvement letter

Biology Resources Paper – PDF    Mark Scheme – PDF

Chemistry Resources Paper – PDF  Data Sheet – PDF  Mark Scheme – PDF

Physics Resources Paper – PDF  Data Sheet – PDF  Mark Scheme – PDF

Learning Objective Statements  Download PDF

Year 10 Examination Revision Support

Revision Support Booklet June 2017  Download PDF

History Revision Support

Elizabethan Revision  Download PDF

Maths Homework: Key Stage 3 and 4

Eedi:   Go to Web Page
Students logins are given to them in class. If you have any issues please contact

Maths Revision and Support

Years 7 to 11

Corbett Maths – 5-a-day – Go to Web Page

Corbett Maths Videos – Go to Web Page


ONMaths (Higher GCSE Topic busters) – Go to Web Page

OnMaths (Foundation GCSE Topic busters) – Go to Web Page

A Level

TLMaths (A-Level Only) Videos – Go to Web Page

Specimen 2 Paper  Download PDF

Specimen 2 Insert Download PDF

Specimen 2 Mark Scheme Download PDF

Specimen 3 Paper  Download PDF

Specimen 3 Insert Download PDF

Specimen 3 Mark Scheme Download PDF

Specimen 2 Paper  Download PDF

Specimen 2 Insert Download PDF

Specimen 2 Mark Scheme Download PDF

Specimen Mock Paper  Download PDF

Specimen Mock Insert Download PDF

Specimen Mock Mark Scheme Download PDF

Revision Videos in a Powerpoint Show  Download Show

B1 Revision Posters  Download PDF

B1 Revision Summary Notes  Download PDF

B1 Revision Checklist  Download PDF

B2 Revision Mindmaps  Download PDF

B2 Revision Summary Notes  Download PDF

B2 Revision Checklist  Download PDF

C1 Revision Notes  Download PDF

C1 Revision Poster  Download PDF

C1 Revision Checklist  Download PDF

C2 Revision Poster  Download PDF

C2 Revision Notes  Download PDF

C2 Revision Checklist  Download PDF

P1 Revision Summary Notes  Download PDF

P1 Revision Checklist  Download PDF

P2 Revision Exam Questions  Download PDF

P2 Revision Summary Notes  Download PDF

P2 Revision Checklist  Download PDF

Science Lesson Videos on YouTube  Link to YouTube

Core Science Videos on YouTube  Link to YouTube

More Science Videos on YouTube  Link to YouTube

B1.1 Keeping Healthy Checklist Download PDF

B1.2 Nerves & Hormones Checklist Download PDF

B1.3 Use & Misuse of Drugs Checklist Download PDF

B1.4 Interdependence & Adaptation Checklist Download PDF

B1.5 Energy & Biomass in Food Chains Checklist Download PDF

B1.6 Waste Materials from Plants & Animals Checklist Download PDF

B1.7 Genetic Variation & Control Checklist Download PDF

B1.8 Evolution Checklist Download PDF

C1.1 Fundamental Ideas in Chemistry Checklist Download PDF

C1.2 Limestone & Building Materials Checklist Download PDF

C1.3 Metals and their Uses Checklist Download PDF

C1.4 Crude Oil & Fuels Checklist Download PDF

C1.5 Other Useful Substances from Crude Oil Checklist Download PDF

C1.6 Plant Oils Checklist Download PDF

C1.7 Changes in the Earth & Atmosphere Checklist Download PDF

Chemistry Data Sheet  Download PDF

P1.1 Heat Energy Transfers Checklist Download PDF

P1.2 Enery & Efficiency Checklist Download PDF

P1.3 Using Electrical Energy Checklist Download PDF

P1.4 Generating Electricity Checklist Download PDF

P1.5 Waves Checklist Download PDF

Physics1 Equation Sheet  Download PDF

B2.1 Cells & Simple Cell Transport Checklist Download PDF

B2.2/2.3 Tissues, Organs, Organ Systems, Photosynthesis Checklist   Download PDF

B2.4/2.5 Organisms & Environmental Proteins Checklist   Download PDF

B2.6 Respiration  Download PDF

B2.7 Cell Division Inheritance  Download PDF

B2.8 Speciation  Download PDF

C2.1 Structure & Bonding  Download PDF

C2.2 Structure & Properties  Download PDF

C2.3 Quantitative Chem & Analysis  Download PDF

C2.4 Rates of Reaction  Download PDF

C2.5/2.6 Exothermic & Endothermic Reactions  Download PDF

C2.7 Electrolysis  Download PDF

Chemistry Data Sheet  Download PDF

P2.1 Forces & Motion  Download PDF

P2.2 Work, Energy & Momentum  Download PDF

P2.3 Currents in Electrical Circuits  Download PDF

P2.4 Mains Electricity  Download PDF

P2.5 Radioactive Decay, Uses & Risks  Download PDF

P2.6 Nuclear Fission & Nuclear Fusion  Download PDF

Physics 2 Equation Sheet  Download PDF