Parent Zone

Parent Zone

School and parents in partnership

Family Support Worker: Mrs T Gosling
01344 423041 Ext. 374

Student Contact Information

Please ensure that you keep the school updated with any changes to student and student.parent contact details, especially email addresses and mobile phone numbers.

Any change of student, or student contact, details (with the exception of student name changes) should be sent to main reception, either by letter, email or via the Schoolcomms School Gateway. Please inform us as soon as possible of any relevant changes to ensure we can always contact you should the need arise.

We use schoolcomms messages to keep you updated on information regarding your students, if for any reason you are not receiving our messages, please call the school office and we will be happy help.

If we do not hold any email contacts for you this will result in a delay to you receiving messages as paper copies will need to be sent home by post.

School Gateway App

School Gateway logo

Please see attached information on downloading the School Gateway App, this App provides you with the opportunity to be able to view your child’s achievements and check their weekly timetable. School Gateway Parent letter  If you have any problems accessing information, please do not hesitate to contact the school office.


We use fingerprint scanning at school as a safe a secure way for students to take their books from the library and also to purchase their food from the canteen. If your child has not had their fingerprint taken, they can do this take by going to the Library during break or lunchtimes. The will need to have the attached consent form completed and signed before the fingerprints can be taken.

Consent Form Download PDF

Brakenhale Safe Cycle Scheme

At Brakenhale we welcome our students cycling to school. It is good for the environment and also for their health. In addition, Bracknell has numerous safe cycle paths that students can use to avoid busy roads as much as possible.
We have a secure area to keep bikes but also ask students bring a lock to offer further security. However, one aspect we are concerned about is the lack of bike helmets worn by a number of our students.
We are now looking to implement the ‘Brakenhale Safe Cycle Scheme’ where all students will need a pass to be able to ride their bike to school and also to use the bike store. A pre requisite to gain and keep hold of the pass is the mandatory wearing of a bike safety helmet. In addition, any student seen riding their bike in a dangerous manner will have their pass revoked. Furthermore, all bikes ridden into school must be deemed road worthy and safe with working brakes. This will mean that they are not allowed to bring their bike onto site at all for a set period of time and parents will be notified via email. This also applies to scooters. This initiative will be implemented from September.
I hope that you welcome this initiative and I do urge you to become familiar with the content of the national bike safety scheme below.
Cycle Safety Information – DirectGov Go to Web Page
If you would like to request a cycle pass, please click on the link below to submit your request. Once your request has been approved, your son/daughter will be issued with a pass.
Cycle Permit Request Form Go to online form
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the school.

School Dining Hall

The School Dining Hall is open daily for all students from 7.45-8.30am for breakfast food which includes:
Fresh Fruit / Yoghurts / Cereal / Bacon or Sausage Rolls / Danish Pastries / Hot Chocolate

Other opening times include:
11.00 – 11.25     Break-time – an outside cart is also stationed in the playground
1.00                     Lunch-time service for Sixth Form students
1.25                      Lunch-time for main school
3.05                     Any food left over can be purchased at half price

Our in-house caterers have a fresh approach to food and we have a number of different meal deals and a hot school meal, which includes either a drink or a pudding, for the cost of £2.50.  A selection of sandwiches, pizza slices, salad and pasta are also available daily and we have introduced Meat Free Mondays.

Download Price List: September 2019

There are 3 weekly menus which are rotated in order.

Download Sample Menus PDF

Parent Pay

logo ParentpayParentPay is the easiest way to make payments for your son/daughter’s lunch money and any trips your child will be attending. If you do not currently have a login for ParentPay, please contact the school office who will be able issue you with details. If you are experiencing any problems with your account, please contact us.

ParentPay Changes Download PDF

Please ensure that sufficient money is added to your child’s dinner money account to enable them to purchase their food.

Maps of the School

Please see the attached link to view a maps of the school’s classrooms for your children to familiarise themselves with the Brakenhale layout. Download PDF

Free School Meals

The authorisation and administration procedure for Free School Meals is handled by the Admissions Department of Bracknell Forest Council. Applications can be made in a number of different ways.

You can call Bracknell Forest Council Customer Services on 01344 352 000 who will complete the application form for you. You will need to provide your National Insurance number, name and date of birth plus the name(s) of your child(ren) and the name of the school they attend.

You can contact the Admissions Department by email:

You can apply online via the Bracknell Forest Website here.

We would like to make you aware that it is worth applying for Free School Meals entitlement even if your child does not require a school lunch because entitlement to this benefit comes with an automatic reduction in the cost of school trips (in the UK) and may also entitle you to receive financial assistance with other school related expenses.

School Trips

Payments for School trips (ideally by ParentPay, or by cheque, made payable to The Brakenhale School) are handled through main reception. Copies of trip letters and Off-Site Consent forms can be obtained from main reception.

Download Off Site Form PDF


Student lockers are provided by ILS, available to rent on an annual basis.

Please see the attached document for more information. Download PDF