Health Zone

Health Zone

First Aider: Mrs L Theal
Telephone: 01344 423 041 Ext: 349

Immunisation Information

Information regarding school vaccinations can be found below.  If you have any concerns please contact do not hesitate to contact Ms Ball our Health Coordinator.

3-in-1 Meningitis ACWY  Pack for Parents/Carers Download PDF

Immunisations for Young People NHS leaflet Download PDF

HPV Guide NHS leaflet Download PDF

First Aid Provision

If our students are unwell or injured then the First Aid Room is the place to come.

The school medical room is equipped with basic first aid supplies.

  • The First Aider & Health Co-ordinator runs the medical service and provides first aid for students in school.
  • First aid refers to the first assessment, first aid treatment and referral for further medical help, for any injuries or illnesses that arise during the course of the school day, including school trips and sports fixtures.  This does not include assessment, treatment and referral for injuries that have arisen outside of school on a previous date.
  • Students requiring first aid may bring themselves to the medical room during break and lunchtime.
  • During lesson time, students should speak to their teacher who will either send them to the medical room or call reception for First Aiders to attend the student.
  • Students should not contact their parents directly for assistance while they are in school. They should speak to their teacher or a First Aider in the medical room who will make any necessary contact with the parent/ carer.

Support for students with complex and potentially life-threatening medical conditions

The Brakenhale School is committed to supporting students with complex and potentially life-threatening medical conditions via our Individual Healthcare Plan procedure.

Student’s Own Medication

All medication should be handed in to the medical room before morning registration to be stored, this includes painkillers such as paracetamol.  Students should not carry medication around with them in school.

The only exception to this rule is emergency medication (e.g. students with severe allergy or asthma whose medication should be kept with them at all times).  This is in addition to a further set of emergency medication which should be handed in to the medical room for storage.

Medication must be handed in according to our school policy which includes:

  • Medication must be in its original container
  • Name of medication must be visible on the original medication container
  • Dose of medication required must be visible on the original medication container
  • Medication expiry date must be visible on the original medication container
  • For prescribed medication – Student’s name must be on the pharmacy sticker
  • Medication must be accompanied by a fully completed and signed Parent/Carer Medication Consent form, available below and from the main School Reception.

Medication Consent Form  Download PDF

May we remind you that it is the responsibility of your child to come to the First Aid room at the correct time to take their medication.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like any further clarification on our medical procedures.

Pleased complete and return the Medical Questionnaire enclosed and ensure that any changes to your child’s health are reported to our First Aid Health Co-ordinator – Mrs Ball. You can contact Mrs Ball directly through email, or via phone on 01344 423041 with any concerns.

Illness and Accidents

If students feel unwell or have an accident they must tell a teacher straight away.  Normally they will be sent to the medical room where they will be taken care of.  If they are too ill to remain at school or if hospital treatment is necessary then parents/carers will be contacted to make suitable arrangements.  Under no circumstance should students leave the school premises without permission.