Combined Cadet Force

CCF (Army) Brakenhale

Promoting responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness and sense of service

Brakenhale is proud to announce the launch of its very own Combined Cadet Force (CCF).

Brakenhale staff, under the guidance of Mr Beukes and the support of School Staff Instructor (SSI) Colour Sergeant Briggs, have been working behind the scenes to ensure that everything is place and ready for the school to facilitate its own cadet training. Most of the staff volunteers are close to being fully commissioned officers and have been doing the necessary preparation and qualifications. The staff volunteering are known as Cadet Force Adults Volunteers (CFAVs). At Brakenhale we are pleased to announce Mr Kingston, Miss Manning and Miss Burrows as our CFAVs.

What is the purpose of the CCF?

The CCF (Army) aims to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness and a sense of service to the community. Activities include drill, skill at arms, shooting, fieldcraft and first aid and up to 40% of a cadet’s time is spent on adventurous training activities. By joining the CCF (Army) cadets also have the opportunity to get involved with volunteer and charitable work in the community and to gain nationally recognised qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s award and BTECs.

Joining the CCF (Army) provides a wonderful opportunity to take part in Army themed activities and events, all of which focus on building self-disciplined individuals with self-courage and a sense of worth. As a youth organisation, the CCF (Army) strives to give cadets a fun and safe experience. There is no commitment or expectation on cadets to join the regular Armed Forces when they have completed their schooling.

CCF Newsletters

Please click here for a pdf version of the CCF presentation : Download PDF

Brakenhale’s training day/parade day is on a TUESDAY.

Important information and key dates:

Deadline for applications will be Monday 20th May (Maximum of 45 Cadets across Years 8 to 12).

Interviews will take place week commencing Monday 20th May.

Cadet selection will take place on Friday 24th May.

Tuesday 4th June: The first pre-training day, then every Tuesday after that until we break up for the summer.

CCF will then officially commence on Tuesday 10th September.

For more general information about CCF please follow these links:

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For more information about the CCF in school please email:

Contingent Commander Mr Beukes   or

School Staff Instructor – Colour Sergeant Briggs

Student Misconceptions about CCF  Download PDF

Parental Misconceptions about CCF Download PDF