Rewarding Students


Rewarding students through House Points – #housepoints

For everyday activities staff are encouraged to award students House Points through SIMS.

1 to 3 House Points matching the Character Strength displayed:
1 = Good
2 = Excellent
3 = Exceptional


Staff can request to give students a higher tariff when students have gone above and beyond.

House Point requests can go up to a maximum of 20 House Points. (Maximum House Points are reserved for activities/actions that have displayed commitment and effort over a long period of time.)

Examples of activities that go above and beyond:
» Organising and raising money as part of charity events.
» Completing recognised extra curricular awards e.g Duke of Edinburgh, Student Leadership Accreditation, etc.
» Competing at a Maths Challenge.
» Consistent and exceptional performances at fixtures over time.
» Outstanding contributions to a Performing Arts event.
» Serving the community in a leadership role.

For general enquiries regarding House Points please email – housepoints@brakenhale.co.uk

⇒ SLT link: Ms Whitaker – hwhitaker@brakenhale.co.uk

If you do have any questions regarding a specific club/activity or House Competition it is best to direct it to the relevant department. Please see our website under Curriculum.

You can find our HOUSE POINT TOTALS on our School Houses page here:  School Houses


An exciting addition to the House System is our Brakenhale Character Education programme called Character@Brakenale.

By earning House Points students are encouraged to develop and grow as individuals as they work on the various attributes called Character Strengths. For more information please follow the link below: