Homework Policy

Homework is important for students to develop time management skills, consolidate learning from the school day and create depth and understanding of topics away from the classroom.
All students will receive homework in every subject. This will be in the form of regular “memory recall” homework that will be assessed in class the following lesson. Students will receive their results quickly and will be given feedback on how to improve.

Years 7 and 8 students will also receive extended homework projects to complete over a number of weeks. This will be marked and feedback given.

Year 9 will receive a mixture of the above memory recall and more formal set homework. The formal homework will be set as per the students’ timetabled lessons but they should receive homework weekly in core subjects and fortnightly in non-core subjects.

Years 10 and 11 will continue to receive additional homework depending on the nature of each subject.

Homework will be provided electronically in most cases, using platforms such as Class Charts and Google Classroom. Students will also be told verbally during their lesson.

Should students wish to complete homework in school, the LRC runs Homework Club each day of the week. There will be one staff member available from 7:30am to 08.30am and from 15.00pm to 16.00pm each day.


Class Charts

We are use a portal called “Class Charts” to allow parents/carers to keep track of your child’s behaviour, view attendance, access timetables, view, support and monitor their homework, track detentions and view announcements.

Class Charts can be accessed via the Class Charts website https://www.classcharts.com/ or through their iOS and Android apps.

Please click on this link for the login page: https://www.classcharts.com/account/login

Please see the Parent Guidance below for more information:

Home Learning Resources

If required to work from home, all students across the school can access live lessons via google classroom.

The Trust have also put together resources for students to work through at home.  Please find these below. [Depending on your internet browser, you may need to copy and paste the links, or download the pdf file to access them.]

Live Lessons

Students who are accessing live lessons should do so via their google classrooms from their school email.

Remote Learning Statement

Remote Learning Provision Statement  Please go to our Policies Page