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Physical Education

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To inspire an active lifestyle for our students; one step, one lesson, one day at a time.


These are what we believe our students and staff must encompass, in order for us to achieve our vision

For students:

– Try your best
– Don’t give up
– Be respectful

For staff:

– Student centred
– Working together
– Leadership at all levels


‘We are what we repeatedly do; excellence then, is not an act, but a habit’ – Aristotle


Inspire, motivate and challenge all students to achieve their potential.

Ensure that outcomes of each student are focused on their needs and wants.

Expand and broaden the knowledge of all students via the taught and non-taught curriculum.

Create in depth and well-balanced lessons to guide student learning.

Be flexible to the needs and wants of students and their stages of learning.

Be accountable for the progress and assessment of students and their learning.

Appropriately manage student interactions to create positive learning environments.

Broaden and enrich the lives of all students through being actively involved in providing meaningful opportunities beyond the classroom.

At Key Stage 3 we offer a curriculum that balances breadth and depth in order to engage and enlighten our students in all things PE.

We use a variety of activities to teach students about the core fundamentals of PE and we link this taught element to go hand in hand with our unique assessment strategy ‘ME in PE’.

Activities used to teach the Key Stage 3 curriculum include rugby, netball, football, handball, table tennis, badminton, cricket, tennis, athletics, rounders, hockey, tag rugby, fitness, multi skills and trampolining. Using these various activities students are taught various types and levels of skills, ways in which they use the skills in varying situations, the ability to take control and lead themselves and others, the ability to analyse their own and others work and be able to be creative and thoughtful in what they do and how they do it.

Our students in PE truly become PEople.

Our Key Stage 4 offer consists of 2 main elements; Examination PE courses and core PE.

Firstly, we offer examination PE which enables students to progress onto the world of Sixth Form, college or apprenticeships. Depending on prior attainment and course suitability students can choose to study GCSE PE (OCR) or BTEC Sport L2 (Pearson/Edexcel).
The GCSE is exam based and is a linear course, examined in the summer of the second year. Students learn a variety of topics and sit 2 exam papers in the summer of Year 11, as well as perform in 3 different sports and complete a written analysis as part of their coursework.
The BTEC is more vocational based and comprises of 1 small exam plus 3 coursework units. Again the exam and coursework unit studies are varied and relevant to the study of PE and its various topics.

Secondly, all students at Key Stage 4 take part in 2 hours of core PE at Brakenhale. This is paramount to their health and well being and also very relevant to balance their workload of academic studies and pressure. Our provision at Key Stage 4 focuses on the ‘well being’ of our students. Lessons give an opportunity for them to be physically active to a level they wish to participate at, building on the skills taught and nurtured at Key Stage 3. Students are given roles to lead and construct their own lessons, under the direct supervision of the PE staff who facilitate them to do this. This establishes and grows strong and independent young PEople who can use these experiences and skills to further forge a love, passion and commitment to physical activity and sport in the future.

Our Key Stage 5 offer consists of 3 main elements; Examination PE courses, Sports Leaders Level 3 course and recreational sport/activity opportunities.

Firstly, we offer examination PE which enables students to progress onto the world of work, university or apprenticeships. Depending on prior attainment students can choose to study A Level PE (OCR) or CTEC (Cambridge Technicals) L3 (OCR).
The A level is exam based and is a linear course, examined in the summer of the second year. Students learn a variety of topics and sit 3 exam papers in the summer of Year 13, as well as perform in a single sport and complete an oral analysis as part of their coursework.
The CTEC is more vocational based and comprises of 2 small exams plus coursework units. Again the exam and coursework unit studies are varied and relevant to the study of PE and its various topics.

Secondly we offer the Sports Leaders Level 3. This course is run as a ‘bolt on’ course that students can select in their additional option block as part of the Post 16 extra curricular offer. It provides students, regardless if they are studying examination PE with us, the chance to develop their leadership skills and gain a qualification which includes developing vital life skills and real life leadership opportunities with local community providers. The qualification also carries UCAS points, looks fantastic on job, university and apprenticeship applications and also enables students to help secure part time work once qualified and certificated.

Thirdly we offer students the chance to remain physically active. At this stage in their educational journey there is no more important time to balance the books with the braun! So allowing students the chance to use our PE facilities to remain active and relieve stress is key to a provision which takes genuine care of its students and their health and well being. Students in the Sixth Form can make use of the PE facilities and can attend the clubs on offer as well. There are also opportunities to take part in various sports leagues to which we enter teams.

Our senior students can also use and volunteer their time in our department as part of the Sixth Form volunteer programme, supporting staff and students in the delivery and learning of PE lessons for lower school students.

By nature of our subject, we are fortunate to be able to give students a truly physical experience when it comes to learning and teaching in PE.

The department is well resourced with kit and equipment and our facilities include a full size 4 badminton court sports hall, floodlit astro turf, tennis courts, netball courts, cricket, rounders, rugby and football pitches, 400m athletics track in the summer, indoor and outdoor cricket nets, a state of the art trampoline centre, dedicated PE classrooms for our exam classes, use of the various dance studios and a fully air conditioned fitness suite equipped with a range of cardio machines, resistance machines and free weights.

Each space has been planned into the curriculum so that over their time at Brakenhale students learn how to work effectively in each of them, enabling them to experience and develop a skills set which will allow them to keep participating in these spaces and areas, into later life.

Each department member has an iPad which they use in lessons to support learning and teaching. The use of ICT in PE is a regular occurance so that learning and teaching can be effectively supported for all students.

Each member of the department also has their own personal teaching whiteboard. This is key to delivering effective lessons across all staff, anywhere in our wide ranging classroom; from the field to the fitness suite or from the astro turf to the courts, students are guided in their lessons to learn about PE and all it has to offer by experienced and well developed specialised staff.

In order for all students at Brakenhale to meet our vision and make progress in PE, we assess holistically against our 4 ‘MEs in PE’. This style of assessment encompasses all of what PE has to offer and at the same time allows us to grow and nurture students who will become well rounded and life skilled, ready for the wider world and a lifetime of physical activity.

The first ME is ‘PHYSICAL ME’ which we assess students against all year, in all 3 terms. This is based on the students’ ability to complete the lessons in a physically active way and develop the movement patterns and technical skills needed to succeed in lesson activities.

Then for each term in the year, Autumn, Spring and Summer, we assess against a second ‘ME in PE’.

In the Autumn term we assess against ‘SOCIAL ME’ which develops students’ social skills and their abilities to work, communicate and interact with others in a variety of different ways.

In the Spring term we assess against ‘THINKING ME’ which develops students’ ability to analyse and evaluate their own and others’ performances, as well as being able to make the correct decisions and be creative in their work they produce.

In the final term, Summer, we assess against ‘LEADING ME’ where we encourage leadership skills to be used by students in PE to help run and deliver lessons and gain an insight into other roles which can be adopted in the world of physical activity and sport.

Please see below the 4 ‘MEs in PE’ and their relevant criteria.

Our provision for out-of-the-classroom development allows students to access staff to develop their skills for a variety of reasons. It might be that they want to further engage from skills and work learnt in their PE lessons; they may want to try a new activity which is not taught in the curriculum, they may want to take part in inter school sport or they may want to continue to strive to be active for longer periods of time than the 2 hours of core PE a week. Whatever the reason, our offer of extra curricular activity sees teachers from right across the school provide these opportunities to our students, using all available times and resources to do so.

Our clubs run on a half termly basis and offer a variety of activities to students, ensuring that whatever they wish to achieve from attending is possible.
Lunch time clubs are based on students’ engagement and taking part. ‘Ties off and Trainers on’ is our motto and students can take part in table tennis, indoor football, basketball and indoor cricket.
Morning clubs focus on fitness and fun, as well as the use of our newly established fitness suite. This club is popular with our upper school students who study PE related qualifications in Years 11 to 13. It is also very popular with those that want to ensure they maintain a healthy active lifestyle by taking part in regular fitness sessions.
Our after school clubs provide the opportunity for students to engage in new activities, develop lesson taught skills and techniques and represent the school teams in a variety of sports.

All clubs are run and supervised by qualified and experienced staff, who take registers to ensure children are accounted for, but also so they receive house points for the work they compete and time they commit to. All we ask is that students let parents know they will be attending clubs so they know the whereabouts of their child/children.

Please see an example of one of our clubs’ schedules below.

For school fixtures/matches, the PE department will send out a schoolcomms via email for all students that have been selected, prior to the fixture/match. The schoolcomms message will detail all of the fixture/match information including date, departure and return times, location and staff attending. Most fixtures take place after school, but there are also other opportunities that we offer where students compete during school time. For these events, we will ask for permission from parents for students to miss school.  It is the responsibility of the parent and student to check and communicate so both parties know all fixture/match details that are sent from the school.