Passionate about our subject

Director of English: Mrs T Cresswell
Telephone: 01344 423041

We are a department that are passionate about all things Media and Film.

Having both studied these subjects at degree level, we are excited to be sharing our knowledge with the students. We have a range of equipment to encourage students to be excited by the practical side of media and allow them to be as creative as they can. We also encourage students to read around the subject and each teacher teaches to their chosen areas which they are passionate about. This means that the students really benefit from lessons that the teachers really enjoy teaching!

You will learn all the key theories for media and enjoy a 60% practical subject. We will look at things such as music videos, film trailers and magazines. You will also get to debate ideas such as do video games make you violent and how influenced by the media are you.


A-Level is really a chance to get stuck into the practical work and students spend a lot of their time being able to create product that they can be really proud of. You can enjoy taking your own photos and creating  a product that is lacking in the current market. You get to experiment with blogs and create your own ways of presenting all of your research. You will also get to consider how groups of people are represented and be able to talk about the way that the USA dominates this countries film market.


In Film you will consider how film can really impact an audience, make them feel a certain way or reinforce certain messages and values from the director. You will not be able to watch a film the same way- at least not when you first start the course! We debate how women are represented, how monsters stand for fears in society and what impact new technology is having on the film industry. For the budding film directors out there, you get to design your own scene ready for it to be directed.

A2 Media Magazines

A2 Media Film Posters

A2 Media Film Trailers

A2 Media Studies students create film trailers as part of their coursework. Students had to plan, film and edit their own trailer for 50% of their final grade.