Committed to making learning enjoyable

Director of Maths: Mr T Dean
Telephone: 01344 423041 ext 371

The Mathematics department at The Brakenhale School is committed to making learning Mathematics an enjoyable experience. We aim to provide students with a positive classroom atmosphere where learning and progression are at the focus of each lesson. To ensure that we help students reach their full potential, staff are committed to ensuring that they challenge students in lessons and as well as providing breadth across the curriculum we try to ensure that students have deep understanding of the Mathematics skills they have been learning.

The department is well resourced with seven classrooms (five in the maths department, one in the main block and one in the sixth form centre) all of which have a computer and an interactive whiteboard or interactive projector. The department are building an extensive bank of resources that all teachers can use with classes to ensure that we share good practice.

We have recently started to work with Universities to become a training school for future teachers. This is mutually beneficial as they are able to bring fresh ideas into the classroom in return for our guidance and feedback on their teaching.

Students are initially taught in tutor groups in Year 7 to support them in their transition from primary to secondary school, in these mixed ability lessons we teach the students core mathematical skills that they will be using for the rest of their time with Brakenhale. After approximately three weeks we put the students in to sets dependent on their attainment.
All year groups in Key Stage 3 are taught in two parallel halves of the year groups. We have recently introduced new schemes of work in light of the curriculum changes at Key Stage 4 to ensure that we are providing our students with every opportunity to succeed at Mathematics at The Brakenhale School. We regularly assess the students to ensure that we can keep track of their progress and the teachers are then able to use this information to add intervention to support progress. At the end of each year we will test the students and we will use this information for setting for the following year to ensure that we are providing our students with the right teaching at the right time.

GCSE Specification 1MA1 (Edexcel)

Students follow the Edexcel Linear GCSE Mathematics (1MA1) course. The course contains work on Number, Algebra, Ratio, Proportion & Rates of Change, Geometry & Measures, and Statistics & Probability. In the GCSE Mathematics course there are tiers and students will be sitting either the Foundation or Higher Tier.

Students sit three papers – one non calculator and two calculator papers. It is imperative that students have a calculator for their maths lessons and we recommend the Casio FX83GT or FX85GT model, calculators can be purchased through the school – please contact the stationery shop in the Print Room or main reception. In addition to assessing the various mathematical concepts, the quality of their written communication will be assessed. They will also be assessed in functional elements of mathematics.

A-Level Maths
In September 2017 the new A-Level curriculum was taught, we are following the Edexcel specification.
At Key Stage 5 we offer students the opportunity to study A-Level Mathematics. Each year we have a class up to a maximum of 20 students in each year group.
Core Maths
In September 2018 we are launching the new Core Maths qualification. This qualification facilitates learning in many other subjects including: psychology, geography, economics, etc. We are following the Edexcel course which is titled ‘Maths in Context’.

Hegarty Maths Policy

We have updated the Hegarty Maths homework policy; we now ask students to write down 2 examples and show all workings on the quiz questions.  Students should also mark their answers and record their percentage scores.

Mrs Harbour, February 2020

Hegarty Maths Homework Policy February 2020 (1)