Head of Department: Mr S Vegh
Telephone: 01344 423041
Email: svegh@brakenhale.co.uk

The Law and Criminology Team want to inspire young peoples interest in their wider community. Focusing on the way in which decisions are made and our society works. The subjects are taught in Seminar style with teacher led discussions and flipped learning at the centre of the student experience.

The department is also keen to widen the student experience with an annual trip to Parliament and Reading Crown Court. The students also have the opportunity to support those students in the lower school undertaking the Mock Trial competition. Students should be aware that both of these courses require discussions about violent offences.

At Key Stage 5 students undertake the Extended Certificate in Applied Law accredited by BTEC. This is the equivalent of an A-Level. Students study a total of four units over the two years.

Two units are assessed by tasks set within the centre, two are assessed by externally assessed tasks. Students will study the English Legal System Structure and Personnel, Law Making in the UK Parliament, Courts and Delegated Legislation, Criminal Law and Contract Law.

Students undertake the WJEC Diploma in Criminology. This involves the investigation into the various sociological, biological and individualistic explanations for criminal behaviour.

Students also study the development of government policy on crime and the impact of modern media on public perception. Students finally examine the process of criminal investigation evaluating the process from Crime Scene to Courtroom.