ICT & Computing

ICT & Computing

Building knowledge and skills

Head of Department: Mr A George
Telephone: 01344 432041
Email: ageorge@brakenhale.co.uk

“Shapers of change – A strong commitment to building knowledge and skills in an ever changing technological era”

The ICT facilities at Brakenhale are excellent with four well-equipped dedicated ICT suites and there are computers in many other areas of the school. The ICT curriculum has just been transformed into Computing. The new curriculum has been carefully chosen and developed so that it caters for all students’ interests and capabilities.

“The digital revolution is far more significant than the invention of writing or even of printing”

Douglas Engelart

We are an evolving department who takes pride in our exceptional results. The ethos of the department is based around collaboration and teamwork. We are a warm, welcoming and friendly department which strives to provide quality education to all our learners with a view to meeting their full potential.

Support is available within the ICT Department every afternoon from 3.05pm – 4.30pm. We offer assistance with coursework, revision, and homework for all year groups.

Information Technology/Computing are taught as compulsory subjects to all students in Years 7 to 9.

At Key Stage 3 students follow a program of study which leads to the development of skills in ICT and programming, with a focus on problem solving and building independence. We teach programming skills for all year groups using Python. Creative units include the design of mobile applications, HTML, animation and internet safety. There is also a possibility of learning programming through the use of Java and Action Script which supports the Adobe products of Dreamweaver, Flash and Photoshop.

At Key Stage 4 students are taught IT or Computing for two hours a week.

We are proud to be offering the following courses: OCR GCSE Computer Science and the OCR Cambridge Nationals Level 2 Information Technologies course.
The GCSE Computer Science course includes two exams and a substantial piece of coursework to solve a programming solution.
The Information Technologies course has one written exam and one piece of coursework that use databases, spreadsheet, presentation software and HTML.

At Key Stage 5 students we are able to offer either the OCR A level in Computer Science course or the more vocational route Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Information Technology.

In the second year of the A level course the student will work on a complex programming project.

During the two year BTEC course students will be taught a range of topics over the course of 6 individual units.