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Head of Department: Miss T Wilhelmy
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Curriculum Intent: Design Technology

Design and Technology (DT) is a rigorous, multi-disciplinary subject. Students will undertake a carousel at Key Stage 3, involving Product Design, Textiles and Food.

Our curriculum is designed to encourage creativity, develop problem solving abilities and a general enthusiasm for designing and making. We do this by ensuring we work with a wide range of materials and construction skills in a variety of different contexts, not only considering students’ own needs, but the wants and values of others. Open-ended design tasks are used to allow for maximum extension/challenge and progress.

The inclusion of systems and control into learning opportunities informs students about how products are controlled, the importance of feedback and how the evolution of electronics has shaped product design trends. An understanding of basic electronic components is taught with a focus on including these in student’s outcomes that are made at school and for use at home

All teaching of DT will follow an iterative design cycle from The National Curriculum, therefore following it in full and in most cases go beyond. Students acquire a broad range of technical knowledge and draw on disciplines such as mathematics, science, literacy and art.

Students will be inspired to be innovative and passionate when designing and making, to critique the merits of technology and to develop skills for life.

All students will have the opportunity to design with computer aided software as well as creating outcomes with CAM (computer aided manufacturing machines). Students will learn how to use a range of hand and electric machines as they progress through KS3, to be prepared should they choose to take the subject further.

Students are also encouraged to reflect on the wider impact of DT. For example the sustainability of the materials with which they work. Through the evaluation of past and present technology, they develop critical understanding of its impact on daily life and the wider world.

Support is also given to enable all to engage, feel confident and achieve, with the availability of small groups working with our technician.

Curriculum Intent: Food Technology

At KS3, the skills and knowledge acquired will prepare students for everyday life as well as their next steps, if they choose to extend their knowledge and skills at KS4. As in DT, we follow The National Curriculum for Cooking and Nutrition in full.

Our students will gain vital life skills that enable them to feed themselves and others affordably and nutritiously, both now and in later life. Students will learn the healthy eating guidelines and how these affect our lives.

Students will be encouraged to develop high skills and resilience in a safe, healthy environment and a focus will be on a high standard of personal hygiene throughout every practical lesson.

Students will be empowered to enable them to follow a recipe: substituting ingredients and cooking methods as appropriate, demonstrating an understanding of food choices (eg veganism), allergies and healthy eating.

Students will understand the environmental factors which affect the food distribution on a global scale and give them an understanding of the need to minimise ‘food waste’ starting with their own practice.

Students will enhance their understanding, appreciation and acceptance of people from a variety of cultural backgrounds, through the preparation of food from different countries.
Students will produce a high quality product through observation, practical and evaluation (tasting).

Our hope is that through Food Technology, students are provided with a context through which to explore the richness, pleasure and variety that food adds to life.

DT at KS4 is an option, where students can extend their expertise further – we offer GCSEs in Design and Technology (AQA) and Textiles (AQA) as well as a vocational course in Hospitality and Catering (WJEC).

Design Technology Specification

“I don’t design clothes, I design dreams” – Ralph Lauren

“All I wanted to do was to make food accessible to everyone, to show that you can make mistakes – I do all the time – but it doesn’t matter!” – Jamie Oliver