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Curriculum Intent

At the very heart of our art curriculum is the belief that every child is an artist. We have developed a curriculum that encourages all students to explore ideas that are important to them, using a range of media and materials, and treating the classroom like their own art studio. Each project that a student completes links to historical and contemporary artists and movements, providing contextual awareness for students’ own practice.

Over the three years of Key Stage 3 (KS3), students will learn different techniques, skills and use a variety of media; building confidence and independence in developing their own outcomes.

The focal principle of the KS3 art curriculum is to enable students to study, run and complete their own individual projects in response to given themes, enabling them to work independently from the beginning of their GCSE studies.

The knowledge and skills developed through studying Art will create individuals ready to pursue careers in the art and design world, as well as supporting roles outside of the creative industry.


Lessons are built around the Creative Process; taking students through idea development to final outcomes and presentation. Students will be taken through the Creative Process on a number of occasions, demonstrating the iterative nature of the work. The Creative Process is used throughout the creative industry, as well as other sectors such as manufacturing and engineering.

Students will undertake 9 projects in KS3: three projects per year. These introduce students to genres of Art, providing a contextual theme and links to specific practitioners. Students are shown the media, skills and knowledge linked to the theme and then are encouraged to explore their own personal direction.

If students opt to study Art at GCSE and/or A Level, they will continue to work using this approach. Students will develop skills in critical and analytical thinking, as well as reflective practice. At KS4 and 5, students are encouraged to work independently and carry out personal investigation and responses to set themes.


Our curriculum has been designed around the pedagogical theory of Teaching for Artistic Behaviour (TAB), with students taking responsibility for their learning, self-assessing their progress, and developing understanding through individual and group work.

From Year 7 onwards, students are taught how to look after resources, their classrooms and their own work. They are given responsibility for collating evidence of their skills and knowledge that can be used for both self and teacher assessment. Students will develop knowledge and skills that will enable them to contribute successfully to the workplace and society in general.

Links to potential careers in the creative industry are highlighted throughout the programme and students are made aware of how the skills they are developing can be used in future life.

We believe that the skills our students gain will be of benefit to them in whatever discipline they study and work in.

Photography in Action

Art in Action

Art Competition

Royal Academy of Art Competition

The Young Artists’ Summer Show is a free, open submission exhibition for young artists aged 5 – 19 years studying in the UK and British schools overseas.

This is an exciting opportunity for all students, this has been advertised on Google Classrooms for all year groups. For KS4 and KS5 it has been advertised on the Art group Google Classrooms but the competition is open to any student who would like to enter. Students can make up to 3 entries for this competition. It would be great to receive as many entries as possible. 3 Culture HP will be awarded for any entry received. We can’t wait to see all your entries.

You can find out more on the Royal Academy of Arts website:

Any students under the age of 13 MUST have a permission form, please see below:

Art Competition Permission Form