Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is planned with the intent to:

  1. Provide all students with a broad and balanced curriculum throughout their learning journey at The Brakenhale School including following the English Baccalaureate pathway where appropriate.
  2. Adhere to, or go beyond, the National Curriculum in most subjects to ensure greater depth and breadth in learning.
  3. Enable all students to build and learn new knowledge and skills on their prior knowledge; thus allowing students to develop deep learning of knowledge and skills.
  4. Provide students with engaging lessons taught by highly skilled expert teachers with opportunities for experiences beyond the classroom.
  5. Allow students to learn from mistakes, using assessment at the most appropriate time to identify and address gaps in knowledge.
  6. Achieve the highest possible results in national tests.
  7. Prepare students for the next phase of their education or employment and life in modern Britain, taking account of pupils’ aspirations, the local, national and global job markets.
  8. Develop students’ characters and add to their cultural capital through Brakenhale’s character education programme.
  9. Ensure diversity is celebrated to ensure all students feel welcomed, supported and valued in the school community.
  10. Develop an array of reading strategies to advance literacy skills and access texts at all levels.

The Key Stage 3 curriculum focuses on giving every child the widest possible experience across a wide range of subjects. These include the arts, languages, humanities, PE and technical subjects whilst maintaining a strong focus on the core subjects of English, mathematics and science.

In Key Stage 4 the curriculum is a mixture of both core and optional subjects and is structured to allow for maximum flexibility of choice. Students can study a wide variety of courses from the arts, humanities, languages, sport and much more.

In Key Stage 5 the curriculum allows students to study a broad range of both academic and vocational qualifications dependent on their results at GCSE. Students study between 3 to 4 A-Level or equivalent qualifications. Students can undertake courses in a variety of subjects such as business studies, geography, mathematics to BTEC dance.

Should you have any questions about the curriculum please do not hesitate to contact

Mrs O Hughes, Associate Assistant Headteacher:

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Brakenhale Curriculum 2021-22 Statement Download PDF