House Point Totals for 2019/2020

This academic year, under Covid-19 lockdown since March, has been a very difficult one. However, despite being physically removed from our community we were able to keep the House spirit and competition going. You all have been amazing by earning House Points for completing numerous amounts of home learning.
In addition we saw the introduction of the Fun Friday Challenge which massively helped keep us entertained over these few months. A big thank you to the Fun Friday Team for managing the competition. You will be pleased to know that we are planning to incorporate this into our House programme for next year.
We are also very excited to launch a new initiative called Character@Brakenhale which will feed in the House System. More information to follow in September.

Our Heads of Houses have worked incredibly hard to ensure their House is the best and the House System continues to go from strength to strength. Since home learning we have happily issued daily 1000s and 1000s of individual house points across the school for all the departments from:
– Outstanding work and effort in many subjects
– Taking up tutor challenges and daily Tutor reading
– Improved scores in assessments
– Beautiful creative writing and amazing artwork
– Fun Friday challenges
– Delicious looking bakes
– Quizzes, and many various other reasons across the school, so a huge well done to each and everyone of you.

Results for 2019/20
1st: TEMPLE with 67652 house points
2nd: JENNETTS with 63720 house points
3rd: SWINLEY with 61527
4th: FARLEY with 59528

Congratulations to
You have worked hard and are worthy winners!

To all the other Houses, well done for your contributions, no one can take your effort away from you.

House Points by Year Group

  Year 7 Year 8 Year 9 Year 10 Year 11 Year 12 Year 13 Whole School
Farley 20028 17849 10972 7190 1481 311 243 1454
Jennetts 20312 18463 13192 8973 1118 148 213 1301
Swinley 18076 18588 13556 8132 1218 183 104 1670
Temple 21154 20890 13718 8959 1231 191 157 1352

School Sports Week 2020

Under lockdown everyone became involved at home with our Sports Week – 22nd to 26th June.

There were 5 challenges, one per day, across the week.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We had over 320 entries for the week.

If you haven’t yet check out the Sport Week You Tube Video. Click here to view.

Overall Results

1st : Farley

2nd : Jennetts

3rd : Temple

4th : Swinley

Overall Staff Result

1st : Swinley

2nd : Farley

3rd : Jennetts

4th : Temple


Burpees Mountain Climbers Star Jumps Step Up Tap Up Tennis
Yr. 7 Winner Hannah L Brooke J Scarlett M-A Scarlett M-A Scarlett M-A
Yr. 8 Winner Darren B-C Kaylan G Isabelle B Lily S Callum C
Yr. 9 Winner Jayden C Connor P Ashton M William H-J Jayden C
Yr. 10 Winner Hristina M Hristina M
Yr. 11 Winner Daniel H-A Daniel H-A
Yr. 12 Winner Emily C Emily C Emily C
Yr. 13 Winner Asha M Claudia P Claudia P Claudia P
Staff Winner Mr Potter and Miss Willimott Mrs Masson Ms Carr-Jones Mr Maye Mr Maye 

Farley House Cake Sale 14.11.29

Thank you to everyone who supported the Farley House Cake Sale on Thursday 14th November. We made a whopping £70.58. This is going towards a house flag ready for inter house competitions!
A massive shout out and thanks needs to go to everyone who donated cakes as well as help sell them on the day: Mya, Sonya, Georgia, Kellie, Alice, Izzy and Hristina, together with Ms Marshall and Mrs McCrorie.
Miss Willimott, Head of Farley House

Inter-House Competition October 2019

Inter-House Competitions October 2019 – Autumn Half Term 1

Week commencing 21st October saw the first inter-house competition of the year and what a good start it was. In Year 7 and 8 everyone was participating either playing or helping by umpiring, which is brilliant and what we want to see from the inter-house competitions.

These competitions bring a sense of house spirit and you could see this throughout every year group, as they all wanted their house to do well.

There was some lovely play from both the boys and girls and it highlighted what they had been learning in lessons.

The results:

Year Girls: Winners Boys: Winners
Year 7 Temple Swinley
Year 8 Swinley Farley
Year 9 Swinley Swinley
Year 10 Swinley Swinley


So this half term’s overall winners were: Swinley!

2nd place went to Temple and joint 3rd were Farley and Jennetts.