Careers Work Experience: Our Own Plan

Despite the challenges presented by Covid-19 our intention at Brakenhale is to ensure all students leave school with experience of the workplace. Developments in technology and the desire for creativity have resulted in Virtual Work Experience opportunities being offered to students by organisations. We will provide these opportunities to Year 13 students in 2020/21 and if Year 12 students are unable to secure external work experience opportunities due to Covid-19 we will also ensure they have access to Virtual Work Experience.

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Interactive tools and resources.

Connecting you with leading employers from your area who can give you a taste of life in their industry, teach you valuable professional skills and show you how to get where you want to go.

High quality virtual work experience.

Student Work Experience Placements.

Work experience for those looking to apply to medical school.

Welcoming and showcasing the construction industry to as many people as possible.