Brakenhale Sports Week 2020

Brakenhale Sports Week 2020

This year in a bid to combine our traditional school sports day along with the National Schools Sports Week run by the YST (Youth Sport Trust) we are running a week of daily challenges all geared towards the whole Brakenhale community coming together to join in and earn points for their houses.

Brakenhale Sports Week 2020 will be Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June.

Each day there will be a challenge, based around completing an activity for 1 minute. All you have to do is find out what the daily challenge is, give it a go, then submit your entry via the google form found on this page – easy as that! The challenges are nice and simple and will not take long, so they can quickly be done on top of your daily lessons.

Entries will be collated each day and we will post by late afternoon the standings for the day for each year group and house as well as overall standings across the school.

We also want to see you doing these challenges so please post to social media using our social media handles @brakenhalepe or @brakenhale using the hashtag #brakenhalesportsweek2020

Get your kit ready and warm ups done…your house needs YOU!!!

Many thanks and we look forward to receiving your Sports Week 2020 entries.  Miss L Willimott and Mr M Potter

The Challenges will become live each day

In Partnership with Youth Sport Trust