Local Governing Body

Please find below more information about our Local Governing Body.

Governors, Roles and Details

The current members of the Brakenhale School Governing Body and their roles within the group.

Name Category of Governor Appointed by Date of appointment End of term Role
Cheryl Kelly Trust Board of Trustees 14.12.2018 13.12.2022 Chair of Local Governing Body

Link Governor for High Priorities

Link Governor for SEN&D and Pupil Premium

Karen Roche Trust Board of Trustees 31.03.2020 30.03.2024 Vice-Chair of Local Governing Body

Link Governor for  Safeguarding & IT

Vacancy Trust
Vacancy Community
Terry McNaney Community Local Governing Body 10.11.2015 09.11.2019 Link Governor for Health & Safety
Nargis Mirza Community Local Governing  Body 25.06.2020 24.06.2020 Link Governor for Finance
Vacancy Parent
Clare Bumpass Parent Ballot of Parents 16.03.2018 15.03.2022 Link Governor for Curriculum
Vacancy Staff
Mike Murray Non-teaching Staff Ballot of Non-Teaching Staff 16.05.2019 15.05.2023 Link Governor for Mental Health & Wellbeing
Jane Coley Headteacher Ex officio 30.04.2015 Ex officio

Attendance Record

Local Governing Body Record of Attendance at Meetings – Academic Year September 2019 – July 2020

  Number of meetings


Possible Number of meetings to attend %


Antoinette Ackuaku 4 6 75
Ruan Beukes 5 6 83
Clare Bumpass 4 6 75
Jane Coley 6 6 100
Cheryl Kelly 5 6 83
Terry McNaney 3 6 50
Mike Murray 3 6 50
Nargis Mirza 1 1 100
Karen Roche 4 6 75
Christine Skipper 1 1 100
Governors who resigned during the academic year  


  1. Possible number of meetings are of the Local Governing Body.
  2. Additional attendance if invited as a non-member to a meeting, have not been counted.
  3. Mrs Skipper retired from her term of office November 2019.
  4. Mr Beukes extended his term of office by six months due to COVID 19.
  5. Due to the closure of the school the meeting diaried for March did not take place.
  6. Meetings held after 30 March 2020 were held virtually.
  7. Mrs Mirza was appointed June 2020.
  8. Mrs Ackuaku resigned from her post July 2020.

Register of Interests

Here you can download a copy of the register of interests of the Brakenhale School Governing Body members.