Teaching Staff

Offering a broad curriculum, students are encouraged and supported

Teachers at Brakenhale are led by the Headteacher, Jane Coley, and her Senior Leadership Team.  Each curriculum department below reports to a specified member of the Senior Leadership Team.

Brakenhale offers a broad curriculum and aims to provide each individual student the opportunity to work at a level consistent with their ability.  All students are encouraged and supported to achieve their best.

Art and Photography

Mrs Higham – Head of Department
Miss Faluyi
Miss Wilhelmy


Mr S Vegh – Head of Department
Miss C Loj

Dance & Drama

Mrs C Duffy – Head of Performing Arts
Mrs G Millard – Second in Performing Arts
Mr J Boucher
Miss G Lawry
Miss L Rushby

ICT / Computing

Mr A George – Head of Department
Mr J Spaul
Mr H Thomas


Mr S Vegh – Head of Department
Mr J Curtis

Religious Studies

Mr S Vegh – Head of Department
Miss L Baveystock
Mr L Hilton
Miss C Loj


Mr J Radcliffe – Head of Science
Miss S Anderson – Second in Science
Mr S Falconi – Second in Science
Miss R Young – STEM and Careers Lead
Miss C Boulter
Mr B Coley
Miss F Manning
Mrs G Powell
Dr H Robson
Mr J Swynford-Lain
Ms L Turner