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Head of Sixth Form: Mr J Duffy
Telephone: 01344 465016

⇒ Sixth Form Live Virtual Open Evening – Wednesday 11th November 2020 – 6.30pm

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We hosted our live virtual Sixth Form Open Evening on Wednesday 11th November at 6:30pm. This event provided an overview of our Sixth Form offering, and we have created an accompanying dedicated options website with complementary information on our offer, the link to which you can find above.
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Ms H Whitaker, Deputy Headteacher

6th-form-mediaWelcome to Brakenhale School’s Sixth Form page. The Sixth Form was graded as ‘Outstanding’ in our most recent visit from Ofsted, and whilst we know that there is more to school life than Ofsted, we are extremely proud that we are recognised as being outstanding, and even more proud of the young people we work with every day.

At Brakenhale Sixth Form, students have access to excellent teaching, fantastic student support, and a wealth of experiences and opportunities to develop both academically and personally. The vast majority of our students apply for universities when they leave the Sixth Form, and students gain offers from top universities including Oxbridge and Russell group Universities. Those who do not go to university either gain places on apprenticeships, or go on to employment. It is important to us that students are enabled to progress to where they want after year 13.

We work hard to develop maturity and independence in our students, with a privilege pass system which is designed to encourage students to achieve to their full potential, and reward those who are showing a great attitude towards their studies. Students who are being awarded top grades for attitude and homework, are punctual, and have above a 95% attendance are rewarded with more opportunity to manage their own time and operate more independently. Those who are not in this situation are supported and encouraged to develop their study skills and independence to the point where they too can be afforded more independence and show the maturity required to achieve to their full potential.

If Brakenhale Sixth Form sounds like somewhere that you would like to study, or if you would like some more information then please do get in touch through, and we would be very happy answer any questions or queries you might have. Thank you for taking an interest in our Sixth Form.

Head of Sixth Form: Mr Duffy
Mr Duffy also teaches Music

Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Keljarrett
Mrs Keljarrett also teaches English

SLT Link: Ms H Whitaker, Deputy Headteacher


  • P16B: Ms C Keljarrett –
  • P16R: Mrs G Millard –
  • P16A: Ms H Ioannidis –
  • P16K: Miss K White –
  • P16E: Miss T Wilhelmy –
  • P16N: Miss D Bunkell –
  • P16H: Mrs D Lewis –


Sixth Form students have their own area within the main school building, it is a separate space which they alone can use. This area is made up of a suite of computers, independent and group study areas. Additionally, we have a common room with a kitchen area. We want our Sixth Formers to feel a real sense of community amongst the students, and feel a sense of ownership over their Sixth Form; a dedicated Sixth Form area is important in achieving this.

Students will have ‘Private Study’ sessions on their timetable, where they have supervised study time to ensure that they are keeping up to date in their studies, and achieving their potential.

Students can buy food from the canteen, bring their own food, or buy food from our student-run tuck shop.

sixth-form-musicSixth Form Ethos

The Sixth Form’s aim is for all of our young people to be the best version of themselves, and achieve to their full potential. It is an expectation that the students attend school as much as they can, and that they are working as hard as they can as well. Staff and students work together to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and maturity, in order that our students are confident, independent, and happy in their time here at Brakenhale.

Essentially, we want our students to:

  • be independent young adults, who can manage themselves effectively and maturely.
  • be motivated to achieve as best the possibly can, and to work hard to achieve to their full potential.
  • feel proud to be a part of our Sixth Form Community, and to have a sense of positivity and enthusiasm around building a Sixth Form we can all be proud of.
  • leave with a set of results that they are proud of through outstanding teaching and support on our part.
  • look after each other, and be aware of their impact on everyone else involved in the Sixth Form. Everyone should aim to contribute positively to the lives of others.
  • be happy in their time at Brakenhale Sixth Form, and to feel supported, encouraged, and part of something bigger than themselves.

Sixth Form Extra Curricular Activities

Brakenhale’s Sixth Form offers students plenty of opportunities to engage with extra curricular activities in a number of different ways. Students can opt to be part of our ‘Personal Growth’ scheme, where student work with different departments to offer their expertise in subjects they study to support those in the lower years. We also encourage students to work with students in year 7 – 11 who might need some additional support in subjects on a one-to-one basis. This helps develop our Sixth Former’s character, but also gives them the opportunity to include their work in their personal statements when applying for universities, or CVs when applying for jobs. Alongside this, we have a dedicated Sixth Form extra curricular timetable where students can get involved with a wide range of activities across the school.

Students run the ‘Tuck Shop’ at break, lunch, and at school events, which helps generate money which is then reinvested into the Sixth Form in which ever way our Student Leadership Team decide would be most beneficial. Our Student Leadership Team is for students who would like to have a say in the running and direction of the Sixth Form, and is another way we encourage students in their wider responsibilities as a Sixth Form student.

There are several trips organised across the year, including careers fairs, Safe Drive Stay Alive, University trips, alternative curriculum trips, UCAS fairs and many external speakers who come to deliver sessions on different areas of expertise such as finance and saving, applying for universities, and we have even had a Channel 4 film crew in to talk to the students about a documentary they were making – many of our students were a part of this.

Extended Project Qualification

Sixth Form students at Brakenhale School have the opportunity to complete the EPQ (Extended Project Qualification). The EPQ is examined by AQA and is worth half of an A-Level. It is a fantastic opportunity for students to become involved in an independent research project; developing essential skills such as time management, critical thinking and self evaluation.

Students are able to complete a project on any topic which interests them. This allows students to develop further knowledge and skills essential in the field of their choosing which can aid future employment and higher education opportunities.

The EPQ is assessed through either a 5,000 word essay or a 1,000 word report which sits alongside an ‘artefact.’ An ‘artefact’ is ultimately a final ‘product’ of any sort and previous examples have included songs, pieces of artwork or even the creation of choirs or community events.

Students work alongside a member of staff who will complete a project log along their EPQ journey. In addition to this, students will attend a weekly ‘taught skills’ class which helps students build all the knowledge and skills they will need to be able to successfully envisage, create and record their projects.

The EPQ allows students to showcase key skills which they may not otherwise be able to, all of which are essential for any future endeavour; from succeeding at Higher Education to being successful in the workplace.

EPQ Specification


Our Sixth Form students take their responsibilities very seriously. As highlighted by Ofsted; ‘Students behave impeccably. They are excellent role models for younger pupils in the school.’. We believe that the Sixth Form students should be setting the standard extremely high, and as such attendance, punctuality, and behaviour are key focuses along with academic progress. Our Sixth Formers are valued as individuals, and as such ‘Students are extremely complimentary about the sixth form. They feel highly valued and respected.’ (Ofsted, 2019).

Students have a dedicated tutor group, where sessions are planned to engage the students in wider thinking and understanding, and also set the students up for the day. We have weekly debates about issues in the news, we have some fun quiz sessions in our timetable, as well as teaching our students the driving theory content for the theory exam should they wish to learn to drive.

We are extremely proud of our Sixth Form, and the students we are fortunate enough to work with. Thank you for taking time to read about what we do here at Brakenhale Sixth Form. If you are a parent of a student here already, we thank you for your support and interest, and if you are reading this as a prospective parent, we thank you for your interest and hope to work with you in the future. Please do feel free to ask any further questions you might have on

Brakenhale School Sixth Form’s plan for the ‘one off’ allocated 16-18 Tuition Fund (‘catch-up fund’) in 2020/21 year:
posted on our website in accordance with stated Government expectations

The Education & Skills Funding Agency has allocated a £96 million one-off fund for 16 to 19 tuition of small group interventions where learning has been disrupted. The actual tuition does not need to be for GCSE English or maths, the students supported all need to be those who had not achieved grade 4 or above in at least one of those subjects at this level by age 16.

All supported students must be on a 16 to 19 programme and have had their learning disrupted in 2019 to 2020 academic year from the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Special regard needs to be taken for students with SEND, particularly if they experienced additional disruption to learning as a result of their specific needs or disabilities.

As a school we are eligible to receive funding of £5,588.

We have used this fund to provide small group intervention sessions planned and led by class teachers outside of normal contact hours.  We have done this through assessing students’ progress since returning to school in September, SEND needs, catch-up required and additional support identified, with the outcomes to improve overall well being and ensure achievement is in line with their expected outcomes.

Ofsted Report 2019: 16 to 19 Study Programmes – Outstanding

Provision in the sixth form meets the requirements of the 16 to 19 study programmes.

Leaders have high expectations and encourage students to be aspirational and ambitious in their future plans. The head of sixth form and the deputy headteacher monitor carefully the impact of support for students on their learning and well-being. Consequently, more students are applying to higher education and are successful in gaining places.

In 2018, students’ progress in vocational courses was well above that of other students nationally. Current students make strong progress in their a-level courses, following a dip in students’ overall progress in 2018. Current students make very strong progress in the majority of subjects. Where there is underachievement, it is tackled swiftly by teachers.

Students who retake GCSEs in English and Mathematics achieve above-average outcomes. The number of students gaining standard pass grades in these subjects has increased over time.

A wide range of subjects is available. The sixth form is highly inclusive, and disadvantaged students’ progress is similar to that of other students nationally. Students are extremely complimentary about the sixth form. They feel highly valued and respected.

The impact of teaching on students’ progress is very strong. Teachers have very high expectations, and they plan courses that encourage students to be independent. Furthermore, teachers provide students with extremely valuable guidance so that students are clear about how to improve their work further.

Teachers ask challenging questions that help to deepen students’ knowledge and understanding. For example, in biology and criminology, students demonstrate exceptional engagement and positive attitudes.

Students behave impeccably. They are excellent role models for younger pupils in the school. Students’ attendance is high. The retention of students on courses from year 12 to year 13 is also high.

Students are very positive, especially about the PSHE programme. Students’ understanding of personal safety and personal skills is well developed. They appreciate the opportunities to learn about safe travel and provision for financial education, and they value the ‘safe drive’ programme.

Sixth Form Prospectus Download PDF

Transition into Sixth Form from Year 11 – Resources  Please go to our Sixth Form Transition Page