Sixth Form

Brakenhale Sixth Form

A stepping stone to a young person’s future

Head of Sixth Form: Mr J Duffy
Telephone: 01344 465016

Applications for our Sixth Form entry for September 2019 are now open.  Please find below our prospectus, subject guide, application form and other information.

Sixth Form Prospectus  Download PDF

Sixth Form Subject Guide 2019-21  Download PDF

Sixth Form Admission Form 2019-21  Download PDF

Sixth Form Admission Form 2019-21  Download word version

Sixth Form Open Evening Presentation 8th November 2018  Download PDF

Post open evening communication from Mr Hartley

Dear Students, Parents and Carers,
Thank you for your attendance for our Open Evening last week. Over 75% of the year group attended and it was great to witness the wonderful conversations you were involved in and the way so many students enthusiastically got hold of teachers to ask questions. If anyone wasn’t able to attend Open Evening but would like to discuss staying with us please send an e-mail to Mr Duffy who will arrange a chat. Prospectuses are still available from Main Reception.
We just wanted to remind you what was said regarding Option Blocks for September. The blocks on the application form are our attempt to respond to the Google Form the students filled in in early October. However, please record any clashes you have with your choices on the application form. We will be happy to look at this and consider any changes after the January 14th deadline. The main clash raised on the evening regarded Further mathematics and Physics. We can assure you that we will separate these two subjects for September and put Further Maths in a ‘spare block’ used for things like Sports Leaders and GCSE re-sits.
Moving forward, the students will be having a ‘Taster Day’ on Friday November 30th which will help to select subjects. More details of this day will follow next week. Students should use their experience from this day, their Open Evening conversations, career plans and PPExam results all together to make their final choices. The deadline for the submission of the form is January 14th. Please submit application forms to Main Reception. Following this, students will receive an appointment for an interview with one of the Sixth Form team to discuss their choices further and ensure they are on the best possible courses.
Finally, if you have any concerns or questions regarding Sixth Form at Brakenhale please do not hesitate to e-mail Mr Duffy or myself who can answer your query.
Mr Hartley, Deputy Headteacher

6th-form-mediaThank you for considering a place in the Sixth Form at Brakenhale.  You might be wondering why this should be your next step?  Academically, Brakenhale is highly successful in developing its students with a real focus on the individual.

At Brakenhale we are particularly proud of the emphasis we place upon achievement and standards.  The Sixth Form Centre is a caring and supportive community in which each individual is valued and in which the provision we provide in terms of courses is constantly improving and developing.  Many opportunities exist for students to exercise responsibility in the wider community, to participate in extra curricular activities and to experience personal growth and development.  It is therefore pleasing that so many of our Sixth Formers provide leadership to the rest of the school community as House Captains, Sports Leaders and Charity Captains, as well as leading the School Council itself.

We are confident that what we have to offer will produce young people who will leave Brakenhale with a sense of achievement and a set of personal values and experiences that will enable them to meet the challenges which lie ahead.  We are particularly proud of the fact that increasing numbers of our students are progressing to University, and that we are fulfilling our mission statement of Improving the Life Chances of All our Students.

Sixth Form is a very different experience to the rest of the school.  Students are given more freedom and responsibilities. Students are seen as role models for younger students, they form an integral part of the school and they help to encourage participation in the School Council and other events.

We work together as a community within the Sixth Form with students encouraging and participating in charity events to raise money.  There are regular staff versus student fixtures when Sixth Form students compete against the school staff to win an annual trophy.  We also have a range of social events throughout the year culminating in the Sixth Form Summer Ball which provides the ideal opportunity for us to wish our Year 13 students well when they leave us.

The Sixth Form Team look forward to discussing with you the opportunities that are available in the Sixth Form Centre at Brakenhale.

Head of Sixth Form: Mr Duffy
Mr Duffy is a Music Teacher

Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Mr Boucher
Mr Boucher teaches PE


  • P16B: Ms C Keljarrett –
  • P16R: Miss B Byers –
  • P16A: Ms H Ioannidis –
  • P16K: Mrs A Duddy –
  • P16E: Ms T Wilhelmy –
  • P16N: Mr F Green-Nickel –


Students have a specially designed and a well equipped Sixth Form Centre.  The Sixth Form Centre has five seminar rooms, a common room with kitchen and a new ICT suite, providing our students with first class facilities to support their studies.

Students are expected to take responsibility for the care of the Centre.

Lunch time

In addition to the Dining Room, students may use the kitchen area in the Sixth Form Centre so they can prepare simple snacks and drinks.  There is also a seating area here for students to relax in a more comfortable environment.

During Break and Lunch time you may leave the school site but must always sign in and out at the Sixth Form reception.

sixth-form-musicSixth Form Ethos

It is expected that Sixth Form students have chosen to return to study A Levels because they are determined to further their qualifications – resulting in an adult, hardworking atmosphere.  A Sixth Form course is designed to develop maturity and a sense of responsibility within a framework where guidance is available and high standards are expected.  All students are expected to maintain high standards of work, courtesy, and self discipline and take a pride in their appearance.

We run a variety of courses to ensure all our Sixth Form students can extend their learning in the direction of their choice.

To ensure that every student maintains a good standard of work throughout his or her time at Brakenhale, we provide a number of support activities.

Sixth Form Extra Curricular Activities

The following are examples of the sort of extra curricular activities students can become involved in:

Working with students in the Paired Reading scheme

These are accredited as work experience and are particularly valuable for students considering careers in education, medical and scientific fields as well as social services and in addition they help to build up confidence in general.

Sixth Form Trips

Most courses will provide opportunities for students to go on educational visits e.g. law trip to the courts, media study programmes, theatre and art visits, to name but a few.  Additionally, there are two residential trips, one home and one abroad, organised throughout the academic year.

6th-form-media-2A Sixth Form course is designed to develop maturity and a sense of responsibility within a framework where guidance is available and high standards are expected.  All students are expected to maintain high standards of work, courtesy, and self discipline and take a pride in their appearance.  Poor attendance and or punctuality is not acceptable.

To ensure that every student maintains a good standard of work throughout his or her time at Brakenhale, we provide a number of support activities.

The Tutoring System

Every Sixth Form student will be part of a tutor group with an assigned tutor who has responsibility for overseeing their students’ progress.  Deciding on academic targets, discussing progress and working on applications to university or college or other destinations are undertaken in conjunction with the tutor and a dedicated mentor.  In addition, there is an Assistant Headteacher, a Head of Sixth Form and a Head of Year 12 and who have overall responsibility for the welfare and academic progress of students.

Private Study

Some Sixth Form students, particularly ‘A’ Level students, will have a number of periods per week when they have no specific lesson commitment – this time is to be used for private study.  The Sixth Form Resource Centre (SRC) and seminar rooms are available for private study, and students are expected to ensure that everyone can study in an atmosphere of quiet and calm.  These sessions help students to organise themselves and make space for social activities at other times.  Unlike the main school, the Sixth Form Centre is open until 6pm Monday to Thursday.

Monitoring and Target Setting

Each student is set a series of personalised target grades based on their previous academic performance.  Achievement against these targets is compared to actual performance on a regular basis.  Where current achievement is below the target, a series of study strategies are agreed to ensure that necessary progress is made.  This process ensures that students are focused throughout their course; that they remain well motivated and retain a sense of realism about their academic performance and possible career options.

Transition into Sixth Form from Year 11 – Resources  Please go to our Sixth Form Transition Page