Parents' Evenings

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Parents’ Evenings

At Brakenhale we take the responsibility of educating and caring for your child very seriously. We believe that happy, successful children will become confident and independent learners.

Parents/carers are always welcome to discuss with us any aspect of our work and address any difficulty or concern you may have about your child’s school experience, but parents’ evenings give an opportunity to meet with subject teachers to review progress and talk through any concerns.

Bookings are made through our electronic booking system and you can find more details below.

Parents’ Evenings 2019-20

Please note that event dates may be subject to change.

Thursday 21 November Year 13 Parents’ Evening, 4-7pm
Book Year 13 Parents’ Evening
Thursday 28 November Year 10 Parents’ Evening, 4-7pm
Book Year 10 Parents’ Evening
Thursday 5 December Year 12 Parents’ Evening, 4-7pm
Thursday 23 January Year 9 Parents’ Evening (X), 4-7pm
Tuesday 28 January Year 9 Parents’ Evening (Y), 4-7pm
Thursday 27 February Year 8 Parents’ Evening, 3-7pm (tbc)
Thursday 26 March Year 11 Parents’ Evening, 4-7pm
Thursday 23 April Year 7 Parents’ Evening, 4-7pm