School Houses

Temple : Swinley : Farley : Jennetts

Promoting a sense of community

Brakenhale has a very successful House System. Both students and staff are allocated houses which contribute to a further sense of community within the Brakenhale School. Students will receive a house badge to proudly show off which house they are in, a planner in the colour which reflects their house, and will attend house assemblies every half-term. The houses, named after the local community, are Farley, Jennetts, Swinley and Temple. The names were chosen from suggestions submitted by the staff and students at Brakenhale.

Each house has a Head of House. The current Heads of Houses are:

House Name Colour Head of House



Mrs Raby



Mr Maye



Mrs Duffy



Miss Willimott

Last year we successfully integrated the house system into the rewards and curriculum areas in the school. Students can earn House Points throughout the year which accumulate. The House with the most points at the end of the academic year wins the House Cup! House Points have become an integral part of school life at Brakenhale. Students can gain ‘academic house point’ through good work in lessons, ‘community house points’ through being seen to go above and beyond to contribute to the life and ethos of the school, and ‘extracurricular house points’ by attending one of our diverse range of extracurricular activities (including, but not limited to, sports, performing arts and STEM activities).

Last year’s results (2017-2018):

  • 1st Place: Jennetts
  • 2nd Place: Farley
  • 3rd Place: Swinley
  • 4th Place: Temple

It is widely accepted that a vibrant and successful House System promotes a sense of community and achievement to both students and staff in schools, and this is something we wish to contribute to.

To make sure the Houses are clearly visible and celebrated by the school community House badges for students to wear on their blazers are available. This is to make sure their house colours are clearly visible at all times to other students and staff. We ask all parents to make a £1.50 contribution towards the cost of the badges, payments can be made in cash at main reception, via tutors or online through ParentPay.

We look forward to sharing the successes of the House System during the this Academic year!

Summary 2017-2018

During our first year of celebrating our house system we enjoyed competitions such as:

  • European Languages Day – a whole school competition in celebration of European Languages Day : students collected languages and phrases from teachers around the school.
  • Creative Writing – a whole school competition to mark the centenary of WW1 : students were asked to write a short story witha WW1 theme.
  • Globe Theatre  – a Year 7 competition to design their own Globe theatres from any resources they choose.
  • World Book Day – a Year 7/8 competition to dress as a character from a book and for the best book review.
  • Poetry Competition – a whole school poetry competition for Poetry Day.
  • Reading Olympics – a Key Stage 3 reading challenge.
  • Bake off Challenge – a competition for Year 7/8 : to be completed in pairs, responding to a design/making brief at the end of each technology rotation.
  • Weather Vane competition – for students in Tech club : designing and creating a prototype for a weather vane for the new build.
  • Christmas Card Competiton – a whole school competition to submit a design for the school Christmas Card.
  • Christmas Market Raffle Tickets – Selling the most as an individual and as a tutor group.
  • Inter-house competitions – Term 1 – Rugby and Netball, Term 2 – Handball and Football, Term 3 – Sports Day.