The new House System has been launched for the new academic year and students have been allocated houses which are reflected in their planner colours.

The four House names below have been chosen from suggestions submitted by the staff and students at Brakenhale and have been selected to celebrate the local area.

House Name Colour Head of House
Swinley Red Mr Jackson-Sankey
Jennetts Yellow Mr Duffy
Temple Green Miss Haley
Farley Blue Mr Bell

The House system will be used in every curriculum area and will become an integral part of school life at Brakenhale. It is widely accepted that a vibrant and successful House system promotes a sense of community and achievement to both students and staff in schools.
Houses will attend half termly assemblies run by their Head of House to celebrate success and enable Houses to embed their team ethos.
To make sure the Houses are clearly visible and celebrated by the school community we have ordered House badges for students to wear on their blazers to make sure their house colours are clearly visible at all times to other students and staff.  We ask all parents to make a £1.50 contribution towards the cost of the badges, payments can be made in cash at main reception, via tutors or online through ParentPay.
We look forward to sharing the successes of the new and improved House system during the next Academic year!