At Brakenhale we strive to ensure all students have access to a balanced careers education.

Careers Team at Brakenhale:

Ms J Lane: Careers Leader,
Mr A George: SLT Link,
Mrs K Roche: Governor Link,

Mission Statement

Mission statement for Careers Education

At Brakenhale we strive to ensure all students have access to a balanced careers education. We offer impartial information, advice and guidance on all aspects of careers. Our aim is to remain compliant with the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

Year 7: Awareness of different careers
Year 8: Pathways into careers
Year 9: Option pathways for GCSE
Year 10: Employability skills & Exploring career options
Year 11: Beyond Year 11, Post 16 options
Year 12 & 13: Beyond 6th Form – University preparation, introducing apprenticeship options, Preparing for the labour market.

The above will be delivered through our PSHE programme, tutor time, assemblies, guest speakers, work experience and careers events. In addition to this our staff embed career information into their lesson content as part of the curriculum.

Through our careers programme at Brakenhale we aim to provide the following to all students:

  1. To allow students to make informed and considered choices at the end of all three key stages.
  2. To develop employability skills.
  3. To raise aspirations and make students aware of opportunities available to them.
  4. To provide guidance to all students in relation to decisions about options, further education and career choices, including apprenticeships.

Labour Market Information

Explore Labour Market Information (LMI).  The links below provide high quality, reliable labour market information to inform careers decisions. You can explore data using the widgets below,  Skillsometer and Careerometer .

LMI is an online data portal, database and widget service funded by the Department for Education. Please click here for more information:

Careers Events & Notice Board

Career Mapping for Year Groups

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