New Build Update

New Build Fundraising 27.4.18
Thanks to you all for supporting the Waitrose green disk scheme which has added £215 and to our two runners in Year 8 who raised £300.
I am also very grateful to those of you who are planning to support us and have e-mailed me at the address below to discuss. Let’s hope that your enthusiasm is infectious and that more parents join our fundraising community. We still have a long way to go!
Karen Roche, Chair of the governing body

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New Build Fundraising 19.4.18

I am proud to tell you that our two of our boys in Year 8, who did an unofficial sponsored 10k run on the 8th April for our cause, have already raised over £250, with more sponsorship money to be collected.
We are in the process of setting up a Just Giving page and we will let you know when this is active.

New Build Fundraising 16.3.18

We need your help to raise £50,000 – needed by September 2019!!!!!
I am proud to tell you that two of our boys in Year 8, are going to do a sponsored 10k run on 8th April for our cause. This is not an official event but will be overseen by Mum.
Come on parents, if the kids can do it, so can you!!!!
We are in the process of setting up a Just Giving page but for the time being, the boys will be using paper sponsorship forms and I will be checking them and keeping you informed of how much money they raise. Please sponsor them if you can.
We have two more weeks of March for Waitrose shoppers to support us. The other two charities that shoppers can choose to put their green disks in are well known national charities and so we may be the ‘under dogs’ but please give your support and spread the word if you can.
Other events coming up:
• Mr Thomas (Assistant Headteacher) is going to run the Stockholm marathon
• Mr Basara-Hamilton (and his wife, but I am not sure if she knows yet) are going to do a sponsored 71 mile bike ride
I hope that seeing the activity on the site will motivate you to talk to your friends and colleagues about how you could help your school.
With thanks
Karen Roche, Chair of the governing body

New Build Update 16.3.18

Finally, all the necessary paperwork has now been completed and we have received the green light on the rebuilding programme for Brakenhale School today we have fenced off parking at the front of the school ready for the contractors to move on site from Monday.
As advised previously, there will be changes to site access which will involve blocking off the Rectory Lane entrance for cars and pedestrians. All access will be via the Conningsby Road entrance. I would ask that wherever possible you avoid bringing cars on site, as I’m sure you can imagine, logistically this is going to be a challenge!
I have spoken to all students during special assemblies on Monday to explain the changes which will overall be minimal. There will be different social areas at break and lunch time and a new queuing arrangement for the dinner hall. We are only losing 3 classrooms during the works and we can easily accommodate this but there will be some changes to the one way system in the corridors. The only other change will be a slight shortening, for a trial period, of break and lunchtime by 5 minutes in order to add in travel time between lessons. My primary concern is that the building works do not disrupt learning time hence my decision to do this. Students will need to get used to the new one way systems and queuing systems and I do not want lessons shortened because of this.
The 18 million pound building project is the result of 3 years very hard work of campaigning to ensure the young people at Brakenhale School, now, and in the future get the very best learning environment that they so very much deserve. I give you my full assurance that this will not detract from the learning in the classroom and the opportunity for all students to achieve their potential.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any queries or concerns.
Ms J Coley, Headteacher

New Build Fundraising 9.3.18

We need your help to raise £50,000 – needed by September 2019!!!!!
Hot off the press….. we were accepted by Waitrose to be one of their ‘Community Causes’ for the month of March. Please make sure you place your green disks, given at the checkout, in the box – you will see the Brakenhale logo at the top. Tell your friends, colleagues, relatives and neighbours to do so too.
Many thanks to Waitrose for being the first company to support us.
Karen Roche, Chair of the governing body

New Build Project 23.2.18

We need your help to raise £50,000 needed by September 2019!!!!!
Everyone at Brakenhale School is getting very excited about the new building and we hope that you are too. Planning permission was granted last week and work will start very soon.
The funding provided by the government is very tightly regulated and can be used for the building only, not including furniture or equipment. The theory is that we should take with us furniture and equipment from the existing building and we will do so if it is functional. However, much of the furniture is old because the school has not had funding to regularly maintain and/or replace. In addition, the projectors and interactive whiteboards that we currently have in every classroom will not work with the new systems in the new building because technology has advanced considerably since Brakenhale was built in the 1950s, and even in the last decade!
In our December meeting, the governors committed to raising the money needed and we are depending on your support to help us.
I am sure that you can think of ways to raise money and we will support you but just to get your creative juices running, some ideas that have been suggested include gaining sponsorship to run in local marathons, bike rides or other events; pledge auctions, clothing sales, pamper evenings, bingo, cabaret evenings, sponsored slims, etc. Get your friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues to take part with you.
We know that some of the larger national and global companies that you may work for will match any money that employees are able to raise for charities. Brakenhale is a charity, under the umbrella of the Greenshaw Learning Trust. We will offer incentives to companies that support you/the school in this way with publicity in the school and beyond. We will also invite those of you who are involved in raising £1,000+ to a special opening event and you, with your sons/daughters will be the first to see the new facilities.
There will also be opportunities to sponsor events – starting by sponsoring Mr Thomas (Assistant Headteacher) who is going to run the Stockholm Marathon in May! In addition, you will be able to elect for some retail companies including Amazon, Waitrose and the Co-op to donate to Brakenhale when you shop.
Watch out for regular updates in Parent News. We have a dedicated e-mail address for our fundraising. Please e-mail me on to discuss any ideas that you have.
Karen Roche, Chair of the local governing body