GCSE Results September 2021

Brakenhale is once again celebrating another set of excellent Key Stage 4 outcomes, on average our students have achieved half a grade higher than national average. Despite the significant challenges of the past year our dedicated students, staff and parents have worked tirelessly to ensure that student outcomes were the very best that they could be. The high expectations that are so very important to everyone at the school have absolutely been upheld and alongside the positive and supportive relationships have led to a superb performance from the students. Myself and all the staff at Brakenhale could not be prouder of the achievements of our young people and we know they will go on to be successful in the next stage of their lives.

There were some outstanding individual student performances including:

Ethan Vine – 8 x Grade 9s, 1 x Grade 8

Rishyal Bhatti – 7 x Grade 9s, 2 x Grade 8s

Stephanie Adelowo – 4 x Grade 9s, 1 x Distinction*, 1 x Grade 8, 2 x Grade 7s, 1 x Grade 6

Alice Macdonald – 3 x Grade 9s, 2 x Grade 8s, 1 x Grade 7, 3 x Grade 6s

Luke Thompson – 3 x Grade 9s, 3 x Grade 8s, 1 x Grade 7, 1 x Grade 6, 1 x Grade 5

There are so many more highlighted, well done to all of our students.