Digital Detox: Friday 12 February 2021

In support of the Digital Detox Day a variety of engaging and character-building activities will be posted in Year Group Google Classrooms.

They are linked to our Character Education programme, which focuses on specific Character Strengths which aim at developing values and virtues for a holistic educational approach.

Students will have the opportunity to gain 3 House Points towards their Character Badges for each assignment completed.

The main aim of Digital Detox is to look after young people’s mental health and give them a well-deserved break from the screen. We have therefore put together a variety of options so students can choose the assignments they would like to focus on. The expectation is that students’ complete activities across the school day 9am – 3pm.

For those students on-site, a similar and varied programme of activities will be provided across the day, relating to a specific Character Strength whilst supporting them with a screen break and positive wellbeing.

Please find the activities below and attached.

PDF of Activities

Character Strength: Academic                   Virtue: Selfless Discipline

Option Digital Detox Evidence
1 Read a book A couple of lines on what you read
2 Catch up on your outstanding classwork Photo/scan
3 Write about your lockdown experience Picture of your work

Character Strength: Culture                        Virtue: Selfless Respect

Option Digital Detox Evidence
1 Mindful colouring Picture of your work
2 Listen to a podcast A couple of lines on what you heard
3 Write your own song or poem Picture of your work
4 Create your own dance / drama scene Video of your performance or photograph of you creating your work
5 Listen to a whole album (not playlist) that was released the year you were born WITHOUT skipping one song Write a short review on the album and artist

Character Strength: Physical                      Virtue: Selfless Courage

Option Digital Detox Evidence
1 Go for a walk/run Google maps, strava or nike app screen shot
2 Make a healthy snack/lunch Take a photograph
3 Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day Parent to confirm/picture
4 Complete the tea bag trick shots on google classroom Upload your video to google drive and share
5 Complete Fancy Dress PE with Joe on a Friday Photo of you in fancy dress doing PE with Joe Wicks

Character Strength: Leadership                 Virtue: Selfless Integrity

Option Digital Detox Evidence
1 Help a sibling with some homework Parent to confirm/picture
2 Listen to a podcast A couple of lines on what you heard
3 Organise and run a game or activity for family members and siblings so that all are included Picture of game / set up
4 Write a positive message to any staff member Email

Character Strength: Aspiration                  Virtue: Selfless Ambition

Option Digital Detox Evidence
1 Write a short story about your future plans Send in your story
2 Ask someone about their job, how they got into it, what experience or quals are required, or what opportunities has it given them Take some notes/summarise
3 What is your dream job? Research your pathway to get there – what grades at GCSE/A Level will you need, what entry requirements to Uni/apprenticeship will you need? Write out the steps you will need to make the dream a reality? Notes on research and next steps

Character Strength: Community               Virtue: Selfless Commitment

Option Digital Detox Evidence
1 Make Lunch/Dinner for the family Picture
2 Send a card/ note to someone to brighten their day Parent to confirm/picture
3 On your daily walk pick up and throw away any rubbish you see Picture
4 Paint a rock or picture with an inspirational message for someone to find on their walk and brighten their day Picture
5 Draw a picture or write a tribute for Sir Captain Tom – NHS hero – who helped us all and captured the hearts of the nation. Email/picture of work