Additional Opportunities

Tuesday 26th Jan: 9:30am – 12:15pm – Medicine in Action – Years 10-13
Medicine in Action returns with a special half-day online programme for aspiring medics. Uncover the Science and Technology driving medicine, discuss the societal implications and find out what life is really like as a medic as we explore the field, culminating in an ‘I’m a medic, ask me anything’ panel session.
Session 1: Seeing inside the brain – a surgeon’s eye view with Alex Alamri: Join Alex as we cover all the latest technological advancements that allow brain surgeons to look inside the brain before, during and after complex and often life-changing surgery.
Session 2: 24 minutes in A&E with Ed Hope: Your first patient as a junior doctor in A&E, you read the triage note: 70M HI + LOC GCS 14/15, PMHx AF, DH NOAC NKDA, NEWS 7, RR24, Sats 95%RA, Temp 38.8, HR 110 (irreg), BP 90/35. What do you do? We take a guided tour of assessing your first patient. ‘

Friday 29th Jan: 9:30am – 12:15pm – Climate in Action – KS 4 & 5
Climate change impacts just about every aspect of our lives and will determine the societies of the future. Using the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals as a blueprint for how we want the world to look, we will welcome experts to not only discuss the impact of climate change, but to show us the options for developing a more sustainable world. We will explore economics, science, infrastructure and society as we look to the future and discover the ways the next generation can enact real change.

Monday 8th February, 15:00 – 17:00 – National Apprenticeship Week: 8 Different Apprentice highlight journeys – Year 10, 11, 12, 13
Opportunity to ask questions and find out about other young people’s career journeys
Learn about different types of apprenticeships, some myth busting and a few prizes along the way!
IBM, EY, PwC, M&S, bp, CIMA, CGI & Vodafone. Each apprentice will give a short 10-minute snapshot on what they do and their career journey to date in a really inspiring and engaging way!
Registration Link:

Tuesday 9th February 11:10 – National Apprenticeship Week The Big Assembly – KS 4 & 5
We’re back and we’re getting ready for National Apprenticeship Week 2021!
On Tuesday 9th February from 11:10AM, we’re turning on the lights, pointing our cameras, and talking about apprenticeships, traineeships, and other exciting career opportunities with our panel!
This will be our seventh live interactive broadcast in which tens of thousands of students and teachers from schools across the UK join us to ask questions through our live chat facility.

Wednesday 10th of February 18:00 – Virtual insight event with the Co-op in the Legal Sector – KS 4 & 5
Interested in the legal sector? Join Our Virtual Insight Event with Co-op
At our virtual Co-op Insight Event, you will get a chance to hear from the team at Co-op and understand more about their competitive career opportunities. You’ll get it:
Meet employees from the company.
Learn more about their career opportunities
Gain experience in starting your career.
During our interactive employee Q&A, you will be able to ask questions anonymously and take part in live polls. You will get a real feel for the brand and get some top tips from those who have been successful themselves through the application process.
This event will be recorded by Pathway CTM any issues or questions please contact us via

Starting 2nd August 2021 – Degree Apprenticeship – Year 13
Applications to Cisco’s degree apprenticeship are now open. Please would you share this link with your year 13 students?

This might particularly suit year 13 students with an interest in technology who are not sure what they want to do yet.
Year 13 – students with an interest in Technology