Unifrog Webinars in November and December

Subject Discovery – Student Webinars


We would like to share with you a series of webinars that will be launched through the careers platform on Unifrog.

The target audience is Year 11 and 12, however some of our students will find this interesting regardless of what year group they are in. We would encourage ALL STUDENTS to take part.

Students will be able to access this directly through their Unifrog accounts – https://www.unifrog.org/student/webinars

Parents will be able to access these webinars if they have signed up with their parent account.
(You can sign up here: www.unifrog.org/code)

Please encourage you son and daughter to take hold of these opportunities as this will help them make more informed decisions regarding their next steps when the time comes.

Students accessing these webinars will achieve House Points under the Character Strength of Aspiration. This will help them develop the Character Virtue of Ambition.