School Sports Week 2020

Under lockdown everyone became involved at home with our Sports Week – 22nd to 26th June.

There were 5 challenges, one per day, across the week.

Thank you to everyone who took part. We had over 320 entries for the week.

If you haven’t yet check out the Sport Week You Tube Video. Click here to view.

Overall Results

1st : Farley

2nd : Jennetts

3rd : Temple

4th : Swinley

Overall Staff Result

1st : Swinley

2nd : Farley

3rd : Jennetts

4th : Temple


Burpees Mountain Climbers Star Jumps Step Up Tap Up Tennis
Yr. 7 Winner Hannah L Brooke J Scarlett M-A Scarlett M-A Scarlett M-A
Yr. 8 Winner Darren B-C Kaylan G Isabelle B Lily S Callum C
Yr. 9 Winner Jayden C Connor P Ashton M William H-J Jayden C
Yr. 10 Winner Hristina M Hristina M
Yr. 11 Winner Daniel H-A Daniel H-A
Yr. 12 Winner Emily C Emily C Emily C
Yr. 13 Winner Asha M Claudia P Claudia P Claudia P
Staff Winner Mr Potter and Miss Willimott Mrs Masson Ms Carr-Jones Mr Maye Mr Maye