Inter-House Competition October 2019

Inter-House Competitions October 2019 – Autumn Half Term 1

Week commencing 21st October saw the first inter-house competition of the year and what a good start it was. In Year 7 and 8 everyone was participating either playing or helping by umpiring, which is brilliant and what we want to see from the inter-house competitions.

These competitions bring a sense of house spirit and you could see this throughout every year group, as they all wanted their house to do well.

There was some lovely play from both the boys and girls and it highlighted what they had been learning in lessons.

The results:

Year Girls: Winners Boys: Winners
Year 7 Temple Swinley
Year 8 Swinley Farley
Year 9 Swinley Swinley
Year 10 Swinley Swinley


So this half term’s overall winners were: Swinley!

2nd place went to Temple and joint 3rd were Farley and Jennetts.