Fundraising: Welcome

Dear Parents/Carers
I wish to welcome new families to our fundraising information, and remind parents/carers who have been working with us to raise money for some time of the purpose of our activities. The new building, which is now well on the way to completion, has been funded by the government with a grant of around £20 million. The money can only be used for the building itself and none may be spent on equipment and furniture.
We have to replace the IT equipment as it is not compatible with the new technology that our new school will have. In addition, we are keen to purchase new furniture for our staff and pupils, rather than transfer the old items from the current classrooms.
We have been working hard to engage parents, with some success but we are still a long way from our original target of £50,000. Please contact me at if you are able to help in any way.
CLOTHING SALE – Thursday 14th November 4pm – 8pm
Tell your friends and family to donate and/or come along
We are planning an event that will take place later in the term. We are going to hold a second hand clothes sale, selling several categories of clothing, including:
• Jumble
• School uniform
• Designer items
• Shoes, and
• Home textiles
In order to support us, please could you put aside any clothes, shoes (women’s, men’s and children’s), or home textiles (curtains, bed-linen, cushions, etc) that you no longer wear or use. The items should be wearable, without holes or broken fastenings – the type that you would donate to a charity shop. You can bring sacks of clothing in to the school reception from Monday 11th November. If you have items that you are willing to donate, but are unable to store until then, please e-mail me and I will arrange to store elsewhere. Similarly, if you have items to donate but cannot bring them in, please e-mail me as we may be able to arrange collection.
I have already been given some evening wear that you will want for Christmas parties.
Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you have fundraising ideas or can offer to help with the clothing sale.
With thanks,
Karen Roche