GCSE and BTEC Results 2019

We are absolutely delighted to report our outstanding 2019 GCSE results, the best in the history of Brakenhale School! Improvements have been made this year across ALL performance measures again.

The percentage of students achieving a Grade 4 (equivalent to an old C grade) in English and Maths has increased to 60% and those achieving a Grade 5 in English and Maths has increased by 2%.

In English, 75% of students achieved the Grade 4 and above – 5% higher than last year and in. In addition, following our constant focus on ‘High Expectations and Challenge’, almost 20% of the year group gained the equivalent of an A/A* in Maths; a phenomenal achievement. In History 22% gained the A/A* equivalency.

Due to the changing nature of qualifications, no school is able to publish an accurate and official progress 8 figure until the Department of Education releases this in December. However, we have seen an improvement in the initial figure that has been calculated on last year’s data. This gives us a positive score again showing that students who study at Brakenhale School make more progress than other students do from similar starting points nationally.

These results are a testament of the impact that Brakenhale School has on the outcomes and life chances of its students.

In addition there have been some exceptional individual student outcomes. We are absolutely delighted that hard work, dedication and fantastic teaching has enabled our students to achieve the very best grades across the board. The students below have achieved 5 or more A and A* equivalencies (7-9).

Hannah FRANKLIN 10
Rajal BHATTI 9
Sophie WALSH 7
Yanni DRAKOS 6
Charlotte BURGE 6
Dragos POPA 6
Rachel THOMAS 5

Our GCSE results along with our A Level results clearly show the sustained progress that Brakenhale School continues to make. We would like to congratulate all our students on their well-deserved success and thank the teaching staff, the governors and of course the parents, who have guided and supported them. I continue to be incredibly proud to be the Headteacher of such a progressive, positive and successful school.