Fantastic GCSE Results

We are delighted to report our 2017 GCSE results which continue to show clear evidence of the value that we are adding to the educational outcomes of our students and improvements across all measures.

Due to the changing nature of qualifications no school is able to publish a progress figure until the Department of Education releases this in December. However we are able to calculate our Attainment 8 grade which is above the national benchmark of a C or a 4 for Maths and English meaning that on average across all subjects our students achieved the national benchmark of a C/4.

We have had further success with our 4 plus in English and Maths, with the English results being 12% higher than last year. This is a significant achievement against a backdrop of huge changes to GCSEs. Furthermore there have been some outstanding achievements across a range of subjects, as outlined below.

Subject A*-C
Music 96
PE 92
Catering 92
Further Maths 89
ICT 79
Dance 75
Graphics 75
Computer Science 71
Geography 70

In addition there have been some exceptional individual student outcomes highlighting the impact of our high expectations and challenge agenda. We are absolutely delighted that hard work, dedication and fantastic teaching has enabled our students to achieve the very best grades across the board. The students below have achieved 5 or more A and A* grades or the new equivalency (7-9), never before have so many students achieved so many top grades.

Student Number A*/A Achieved Student Number A*/A Achieved
Jordan Penn 10 Robbie Harrison 6
Heidi Cracknell 9 Chantelle Fannan 6
Ella-Rose Brigden 9 Ewan Gennery 5
Abitha Mahabakkalage 9 Andi Kelly 5
Benjamin Thomas 8 Emily Hughes 5
Jamie Brazier 8 Viktoria Petrova 5
Freya Brodrick 7 Jodie Leivers 5
James Walford 7

Our GCSE results along with our A Level results show clearly the rapid progress that Brakenhale continues to make. We would like to congratulate all our students on their well-deserved success and thank the teaching staff and of course the parents who have guided and supported them.

Jane Coley