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Crown Wood Primary School to join the Greenshaw Learning Trust

On 15 March 2017 the Governing Body of Crown Wood Primary School in Bracknell confirmed that the school will become an academy and join the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The Crown Wood Governing Body, with the school leaders, had carefully considered the school’s future and its options; in November 2016 the Governing Body agreed unanimously that it believed the best way of ensuring that Crown Wood can build on its strengths and continue on its journey of improvement was to become an Academy as part of the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

The views of stakeholders of both Crown Wood Primary School and the Greenshaw Learning Trust were invited on the proposal and consultation meetings took place at the school.
Having considered the responses to the consultation, and having received approval from the Department for Education, on 14 March 2017 the Crown Wood Governing Body agreed to proceed to become an academy and join the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

You can read the statement from Crown Wood and the Trust here.

If the process continues to progress as expected, the school will convert to academy status and become a member of the Greenshaw Learning Trust on 1 June 2017.

You can find out more about Crown Wood Primary School here.