Fantastic A-Level Results

I wanted to share with you our wonderful news about today’s A-Level, AS Level and BTEC results. The school’s continued resurgence is confirmed by these results. We are particularly pleased that in every single measure there has been an increase in attainment and progress on previous years. Some of our key results are listed below.

•At A*-B we have achieved 53% compared to 43% in 2015 including BTEC equivalents. A 10% increase.
•At A*-C we have achieved 73% compared to 60 % in 2015 including BTEC equivalents. A 13% increase.
•The A*-E pass rate is 100% up from 95% in 2015 which is particularly satisfying. A 5% increase.

It has been a huge team effort and I am so grateful to the teaching staff, tutors and parents who have all pulled together, endured the stress and provided the support and encouragement necessary to make these fabulous results a reality.

We are sure that this momentum and constant drive for improvement will be continued across all key stages and this will enable our students to achieve their potential.