Good News for the School


Dear Parent/Carer

The Department for Education have published their performance tables website which shows very good student outcomes for Brakenhale students based on last year’s examination results.

These tables show that when Brakenhale is compared to schools with a similar intake (55 were identified nationally) we are placed in the top half of that table. The similar schools table is where pupils of all schools in the same similar schools group (similar prior attainment) should achieve at an expected level. A link to the table comparing The Brakenhale with similar schools can be found here:

Similar Schools Table

The Brakenhale School page on the DfE performance tables website can be found here:

Brakenhale Table Information

You may have seen a recent article published in the Bracknell News about the outcomes across Bracknell Forest schools unfortunately the story does not reflect the true achievement by our students last year and have been taken from the Department for Education league tables which only recognise the first time a student sits an exam rather than the actual grade they leave the school with. We adopted the strategy of early entry to ensure our students has at least two opportunities to get their best possible grades. As a result of this, I would like to reassure you that the cohort of 2015 actually gained a pass rate of 52.4% against the benchmark of 5A*-C including English and Maths, not 45% as reported in Bracknell News.

Furthermore, In English, using best entry, 68% of students achieved a C or better and in Maths 64% achieved the benchmark. The school achieved the most improved results in the borough, something we are proud of, and my team of staff are determined and committed to push this improvement even further come the summer examinations.

Best wishes

Jane Coley