Parents News 11/01/2016

Main Entrance

Thursday 14th January          Year 9 Options Evening
Wednesday 20th January      Year 9 Injections – DTP and Meningitis
Thursday 28th January         Year 9 Parents Evening
Tuesday 2nd February          PTA Meeting
Wednesday 3rd February      Year 7 Parents Evening
Monday 8th February           Year 12 Parents Evening
Thursday 11th February        Music Concert

Spring Half term Monday 15th – 19th February 2016
Easter Holiday Thursday 24th March – Friday 8th April 2016
Summer Half Term Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June
Summer Holiday Monday 25th July – Wednesday 31st August 2016

For full lists of dates please see the calendar page.

Message from Headteacher

Dear Parents and Carers

I would like to welcome you all to the first edition of Parents News for 2016 and to wish you all a very Happy New Year.

The students have made an excellent start to the term, and I have seen a very high standard of engagement and behaviour across the school. I have spoken to all students in assembly and made clear our continuous focus on Brain Pain and high expectation and challenge.  I am very much looking forward to working with you this term which will be very exciting as we look towards becoming academy.

As ever please do not hesitate to get in touch with me with any feedback; your input is invaluable.

Best Wishes

Jane Coley
Deputy Headteacher

Uniform, Behaviour and Lates

I am pleased to report that the vast majority of pupils have returned to school with an excellent attitude following the Christmas vacation. The Leadership Team stood on the gate throughout this week at 8.30am and it was so gratifying to see how few students were wearing non regulation clothing or footwear. On our patrols around the school and on drop-ins to lessons it has been wonderful to see so many pupils alert, focused and engaged in the lesson content. Thank you for your continued support in ensuring our pupils are smart and ready to learn when they arrive each morning.

A very small number of students do continue to be late each morning or choose to wear non regulation clothing and, as you are aware, we operate a lunchtime detention for these students. Students are given a slip and then report to the detention room for the first part of the lunch period. It has been a little frustrating to note that some of the students being late or wearing incorrect clothing are not arriving for their detention. We are happy to take into account any mitigating circumstances for these issues however for those pupils without an excuse, failure to report to lunchtime detention results in an S55 detention on a Friday after school. If this is missed the school policy is to put the pupils into our Internal Exclusion Room on the following Monday. I am sure for 99% of pupils these issues don’t apply however I hope we can rely on your support in making sure students don’t need to spend any time in the Internal Exclusion Room because of a failure to follow our behaviour code and sanctions policy.

Best Wishes

Andrew Hartley
Deputy Headteacher


School Calendar
Year 9 Parents Evening on Thursday 28th January 
Year 9 Parents Evening Letter

Year 7 Parents Evening on Wednesday 3rd February

School Improvement Plan


School improvement plan
Here are our priorities for this half term

High Expectations and challenge permeate all that is undertaken in The Brakenhale School by all stakeholders to ensure students make better than expected progress


School Catering News

Brakenhale would like to introduce our new look dining hall to all the students. As a school we decided it would be best value and quality to go in house for our catering. We have been overwhelmed with the students and staff’s reaction on our first week and are looking forward to offering new and wonderful themed menus to them.

Just a reminder that it is much more efficient for the students to have had their fingers scanned to make their visit to the dining hall a quicker experience and also that they can still add monies to their accounts in the LRC with Mrs Daniels before school for it to be on the account by first break. We will also be running a competition for the students to rename the dining hall.

We are now serving a new breakfast menu and as of Monday, cut price products will be available from 3.05pm for an hour.

If you think your child will enjoy the catering a little too much you can put a daily limit on their account. Please just send me an email on


Brakenhale’s Got Talent

All students wanting to take part in Brakenhale’s Got Talent on Thursday 4th February need to complete the sign-up sheet which is located outside Drama.  All interested students must sign up by Monday 8th January 2016.  There will be auditions for the show on Tuesday at 3.20pm in Drama.


Parents’ Drop in Session

There is a Drop-In session in the LRC for all parents every Thursday between 4.00pm and 5.00pm. During this session staff are available to answer questions regarding ShowMyHomework, Insight, ParentPay, as well as the biometric identification system. Parents are able to log on to the computers in the LRC to access their ShowMyHomework, Insight and ParentPay accounts. If you would like to pop by to see us please come in to school via the Coningsby gate and walk across the courtyard to the LRC.


Christmas Raffles:

Thank you to everyone who supported our two raffles last term.  Well done to all the winners:

Main raffle

1 Digital camera 606 pink Lily
2 Contents of hamper 85 orange Joshua
3 K Robinson treatment 90 orange Alicia
4 Oaktree vouchers 461 pink ARG
5 Beefeater voucher 405 pink Sarah
6 Frankie & Bennys voucher 35 orange Michael
7 Family swim 235 orange Becki
8 Rowing Museum tickets 215 orange Julia

Student raffle

1 Goody Box 520 orange Maddison
2 Ice Skating tickets 545 orange Jodie
3 Go Karting voucher 435 orange Jamie
4 Family swim tickets 498 orange GF
5 Look Out tickets 427 orange Mel

PTA Upcoming Events

Tuesday 2nd February: next PTA meeting

Tuesday 1st March: March PTA meeting

Saturday 19th March: PTA Quiz Night

Tuesday 12th April: April PTA meeting

Tuesday 3rd May: May PTA meeting

Sunday 8th May: Half Marathon Water Station

Tuesday 7th June: June PTA meeting

Saturday 25th June: PTA Race Night

Tuesday 5th July: July PTA meeting

PTA Half Marathon Water Station flyer