Year 11 Welcome Letter


Dear Parents and Carers

I have been delighted with the manner in which Year 11 have returned this term.  It is incredible to think that we only have two terms and a few weeks left before the GCSE exams start on 17th May 2016.  I look forward to continuing to work closely with all of you in order to ensure all members of the year group fulfil their potential this year.  This is a very important year for students and at the end of this letter I have included some significant dates for you and your child to be aware of.

There have been a few staffing changes this year and I have listed below the changes to the Year 11 team including their contact details):-

As a year team we have always appreciated the fantastic support from parents and carers, and we view attendance very seriously at The Brakenhale School.  Excellent attendance and punctuality increases your child’s chance of success and allows them to be fully involved in school life.  All pupils should have an attendance of over 95% and if it drops below this we will contact you to support you and your child in improving this level. If your child is absent please could you telephone the school during the morning of the first day of absence to inform us, using our dedicated absence line on 01344 465050. The office will need to know your child’s name and tutor group.  On return to school your child should have a note in their homework diary explaining their absence to show their tutor.  They will be spoken to by their tutor regarding the absence and are expected to catch up with missed work.

The Brakenhale School, the Local Authority and Government believe that absence during term time should be avoided as it can have a damaging effect on pupils’ education and overall achievement.  All holidays taken in term time will be unauthorised and Bracknell Forest Borough Council, through the Education Welfare Service, will consider the issue of a Fixed Penalty Notice where a pupil has at least 10 sessions of unauthorised absence during a term or 20 sessions in the previous four months. 10 sessions is equivalent to 5 school days, 20 sessions = 10 school days.

Finally, I would like to invite you to a Year 11 Information Evening on 19th October 2015 where you will have the opportunity to meet staff and ask any questions that you have regarding Year 11 and your child.

Date Exam or Event
17-Sep Geography Field Day
18-Sep Geography follow-up day
28-Sep Core Science day (day1 1)
29-Sep Dance filming day (19 students; unit 2 set study)
05-Oct Dance  (Solo Choreography) Start of Controlled Assessment prepartion (Unit 4a)
20-Nov Deadline for History Contolled Assessment.
02-Nov All Media Coursework to be completed
04-Nov Mathematics Linear (resits) Foundation & Higher (non-calculator)
06-Nov Mathematics Linear (resits) Foundation & Higher (calculator)
9-12-Nov Drama Exam in LO1
18-Nov Additional Science ISA day (day 1)
19-Nov ICT GCSE – Start of Controlled Assessments
20-Nov Business V Cert Deadline
30Nov-4Dec Year 11 Mock exams & MFL Controlled Writing Assessment 2 to be completed
07-Dec Dance Deadline  (Solo Choreography) To be Filmed (Unit 4a)
8-11-Dec Drama unit 1 exam in LO1
16-Dec BTEC Sports onscreen exam
Jan BTEC Sport Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise online Exam
04-Jan Dance (Group Choreography) Start of Unit 4b and Unit 3
07-Jan Art and Photography Coursework Deadline
08-Jan iGCSE Maths day (x100 students)
11-Jan iGCSE Maths exam
22/01/2015 SRE Workshop AAH
26/01/2016 IT – Start of Controlled Assessments & Cambridge Nationals
27-28 Jan Drama unit 1 Sec 2 exam in LO1
02-Feb Core Science ISA day (day 2)
29-Feb Mocks 2 – all week
Mar PE BTEC Unit 1 Fitness for Sport and Exercise online Exam – Resits
1-4 Mar Mocks 2 – all week
7-9 Mar MFL Speaking Exam (10 Minutes)
15-Mar IT – Last day  of Controlled Assessments
15-Mar GCSE PE Practical Mock Moderation Day
17-Mar ICT GCSE – End of Controlled Assessments
18-Mar Graphics, Textiles and RM Coursework Deadline
18-Mar Catering Task 2 Deadline
18-Mar Additional Science ISA day (day 2)
22-Mar Music – Compositions and Appraisal (Unit 2 and 4) and Performances (Unit 3) – Draft Submission
22-Mar GCSE Music Performance Exam
24-Mar Geography controlled assessment to be with exam board and moderator
Apr PE- Practical Moderation to be completed April/early May
08-Apr Dance deadline for Unit 4b and Unit 3
14-15 Apr GCSE Art Exam
19-Apr GCSE Photography Exam
22-Apr Music Final Submission date for Unit 2, Unit 3 and Unit 4
29-Apr Drama and Dance Moderation in School
05-May History, ICT & Catering controlled assessments to be with exam board and moderator
17 May – 22 June Summer Examinations – Note do not book holidays in June as these dates may still change.

Yours faithfully

Mr R Beukes
Head of Year 11